The Most Luxurious First Class Airlines

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What are the most luxurious and expensive first class airlines in the world? Subscribe to our channel: Description: This particular video will …



  1. I've been on the second one… it crashed.

  2. Appiah Kwaku says:

    poor people cannot afford this oooo plz

  3. the 1 and 2 are In Dubai

  4. Alysa P says:

    Qatar airways should be here

  5. My parents are rich but I don't even have money of my own

    I would've had $100 of my own but my mom secretly stole $50 from a gift I got on Christmas and used the money for herself

  6. oziegirl aj says:

    Can't even afford raspberries at my local grocery shop, and they say they have low prices. :'^)

  7. Wait a second I already Ride at AirFrance! Since me and my mom go to paris

  8. shepopop says:

    Dream , dream . I am sticking to sleazy jet for luxury .

  9. susan lao says:

    I went on Singapore airlines before but I did not get a first class seat.

  10. I uncle go to Australia every year on 1st class but I go with. How to go with home I beg thefuck out of him ???

  11. Boi I'm going on Cathay Pacific 1st class today

  12. That would suck to spend all that money just for a 1 hr flight

  13. It depends on where you're going// what kind of passenger jet

  14. If only the pilot did a barrel roll while everyone was chilling out in the lounge/lobby!

  15. For 43k I better be getting a brand new BMW smh

  16. Cup Cake says:

    personally I would not waste 20,000 on a ticket, I rather use a regular boring plane.

  17. Mania28 says:

    I think the Emirates has the edge

  18. Caelin Bruce says:

    In the time it would take most people to save this much money, they could physically walk and rowboat their way around the world. Id prefer the scenic route anyway.

  19. Alex Sidorov says:

    I always travel first class

  20. tr763 says:

    tickets cost, waste of money

  21. Karen Conboy says:

    I've been in first class and I'm only 5

  22. OMG I was in Air France

  23. Terry King says:

    For those prices they better throw in a girl or I will just get a private jet.

  24. TDB11 says:

    Am I the only one who skipped to the first one?

  25. cheyenne ho says:

    I was in Italy and I used emirates airlines first class to travel to Dubai there was free wifi too

  26. Meh. Only for poors.

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