The Best Value Hotel in PATTAYA…???

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January 21, 2017
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January 22, 2017

April Suites Hotel Review – from $27 April Suites is often said to be the best value hotel in all of Pattaya (or even the whole of Thailand). This hotel is a 3-star, …



  1. how long did 1250 get you mate, coming out first time in December

  2. DJ HiNRG says:

    I would definitely stay here. Looks like a F* paradise!

  3. Sam says:

    this hotel should pay you or at least let you stay once for free for doing such an amazing vid about them

  4. Joe Webster says:

    Great deal per night at 37 USD what was the name of the hotel?

  5. rtl2002 says:

    Thanks for the great vid. You got yourself a new sub. I'll be there next year.

  6. Phillip R says:

    Is it guest friendly ie not charge bring a girl back

  7. Joe Webster says:

    Looks like the right place for the money thanks

  8. Andre Myhre says:

    is a guest in room allowed in every hotel in thailand?

  9. nardniles says:

    Looks great. nice vid.just what we need . cheers

  10. oh not getting that room trump was there

  11. onanidaily says:

    Nice looking room.
    I rent a furnished condo with the same amenities when I stay for 10,000 Baht/month.. (~334 Baht/day)

  12. scot marq says:

    Wow where was that? I stayed at the white rose for 7USD ,but that place looks great!

  13. 19bootsy68 says:

    What a excellent priced hotel…everything looked great…sauna, pool, gym..fantastic.

  14. taza98 says:

    Great vid and Ive just booked a week with them but I'm now hearing they're not guest friendly and charge 500THB?! Anyone know for sure? I've emailed them anyway and will report back

  15. Fa-j 00 says:

    thx for the info.i think u are a perfectionist looking the description box of the video…gud it up .god bless..

  16. Elliot Roman says:

    Greeting from Puerto Rico! And thanks for the video!

  17. ThumbsUpBrah says:

    ehh for March its close tro $40 USD after fees.. Not worth for 2+ week stay

  18. just booked this hotel after watching this video for march next year!! thank you very much.. very modern looking.. how fat is it to soi 6?

  19. taza98 says:

    i stayed here for a few nights after seeing your vlog. nice place and would defo stay again. guest friendly and i particularly liked that they called your room to make sure all was ok before they give your guest their id card back.

  20. this is a wonderful compliment for the hotel and also for all the stuff .there ..anyway thanks for sharing this video this inspiring me though and hope to see back there again ??

  21. Jose Caban says:

    I'm a seasoned traveler when it comes to Patts, but I just booked ICheck Inn Nana and D Hotel, based on your BKK112 page…used the provided Agoda link…much easier, down to Earth reviews…love the maps you provided for BKK. Would love to meet for a beer and rate the eye candy :-)

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