The best hotels near Ayala Cebu Philippines

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June 4, 2017
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June 5, 2017

For more details on these hotels in Cebu visit my blog The best list of hotels …



  1. Aggie Ochoa says:

    Hello there! Can you also include the Vacation Hotel? It's a wonderful little hotel that is really close to Ayala Center but it's very cheap, clean with a friendly staff. The hotel is located at 35 Juana Osmena corner Avila , Cebu City, Philippines
    Thanks you!

  2. Rob Brand says:

    Hotels along Juana Osmena, while close to Ayala, aren't quite walking distance for most. I may do something else in the future with Vacation Hotel, keep an eye out!

  3. rogo321321 says:

    I've stayed in a few of these. Parklane is best for a number of reasons. You can change money at the front desk and they give a very good rate. Also the business center has a landline phone service you can use to make international calls. None of the other hotels has this, so if you really need to call overseas this is the ONLY place to go. It's not cheap but it's better than trying to use a cell phone. Great service, excellent food, good rates, clean and safe, friendly professional staff.

  4. thanks for these video Sir..It helps a lot..

  5. va pue says:

    only hotels within walking distance of Ayala mall should be listed here. You did good job with the list of hotels. Thank you for including pension homes-hotels.

  6. Rob Brand says:

    Thanks. For me I have walked to Ayala from all these hotels, so I guess "walking distance" is relative to the individual! There is a new hotel that has opened since I made the video, I added it the blog link below the video. I haven't check it out yet, but it does look nice

  7. G Dye says:

    Wow….best useful information I have found yet, which helps potential Cebu newbies…awesome stuff. Thanks for taking the time to list this video and write your blog…really appreciate it…..from Florida.

  8. correct me if im wrong. i think elizabeth hotel is the nearest to ayal? i stayed there a few years ago. beautiful

  9. Jones Lander says:

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  10. Jason says:

    You're blog and videos are awesome and such a huge help.
    Thank you, my friend…and VERY well put together and thorough.

  11. Great video 👍🏼👍🏼

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