The Best Hotels in Las Vegas

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January 16, 2017
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January 18, 2017

– Las Vegas is home to some of the largest, most intricate, and highly themed hotels in the world. These lavish resorts are a must see …



  1. circus circus and Wyndham Grand Desert are my fav in my list 

  2. ComeOnCuhh says:

    circus circus is the best! in my opinion

  3. Jose Cruz says:

    Which has the best view for the best price?? we were looking at the Montecarlo or the Cosmopolitan?? Please respond :)

  4. I been in the circus circus hotel

  5. Di Bicround says:

    Could not argue with the top 5….But circus circus can be replaced by Mandalay Bay and the Monte Carlo can be replaced by Palazzo.

  6. I've been to "The Venetian" & "Bellagio" in like 2009. 0_o

  7. Craig Smith says:

    Circus circus is shit. Probably the worst hotel on the strip, alongside Riviera. Top 5 about right tho.

  8. Paige Gee says:

    I went to the castle amazing

  9. ks500 says:

    do these hotels do a deal if you were to stay 6months or a year?

  10. Circus Circus <3<3<3

  11. I'm thinking to book TheCosmoPolitan or New York New York. The hotels I have been to are Vdara, the M resort, circus circus, Luxor, and Excalibur. We also visited some hotels which were Wynn, bellagio, aria, flamingo, the Venetian, and caesers palace. If you are going to Las Vegas soon, enjoy your trip! ;)

  12. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and the Wynn are both must see's and stay's – you will be amazed!

  13. 86Wombat says:

    I love the Aria

  14. I like the Venetian

  15. Neel Gandhi says:

    Mandarin Oriental ??

  16. My dad works in MGM so he is number one 

  17. Some of the hotels of the list wasn't there when I did visit Vegas. Instead I remember hotels like Luxor, Excalibur, Treasure Island, Mandalay Bay, Aladdin, Ballys, Stardust, Sahara and Frontier. Some of them might be down today.

  18. in my opinion, cosmopolitan is the coolest and most pretty.


  20. imvu lover says:


  21. These hotels are incredible!!!!

  22. Landon V says:

    Las Vegas has some good hotels.

  23. ukoz says:

    I was at the Paris Hotel but I had to leave :(

  24. Jade xoxo says:

    Mandalay Bay is my favorite hotel there's a lot of stuff to do like there's a shark reef I like Mandalay Bay

  25. Jade xoxo says:

    Mandalay Bay is my favorite hotel there's a lot of stuff to do like there's a shark reef I like Mandalay Bay

  26. theyoyis161 says:

    My top ten hotels in Las Vegas.

    10.The Mirage

    9.Caesars Palace

    8.Monte Carlo

    7.Planet Hollywood


    5.Brown Brothers ( Wynn and the Encore)


    3.Treasure Island



  27. My favorite hotel is caesars palace

  28. Actually stay at all of these hotels before you make a list.
    thank you,
    sincerely, EVERYONE

  29. S. Abutalib says:

    Circus circus Luxor New York New York

  30. Katie Frank says:

    What about Mandalay Bay?

  31. I went to circus circus

  32. monarch1957 says:

    I was treated likeS**t when I went a few years ago so I will never be going back there.

  33. Raj c says:

    Wynn and cosmopolitan are top two , lot of people say aria but I lived there 3 days it's nothing in front of cosmo and wynn…

    Venetian bellagio are very crowded… they are also nice

    But if you want top notch just go to Wynn.. even cosmo is very crowded

  34. Owen Beange says:

    Polo towers is where I live

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