THE BEST HOTEL IN THE MALDIVES!? Kandolhu Resort Maldives; Visiting The Maldives | EmTalks

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January 1, 2017
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January 2, 2017

Thank you so much for watching! Find all details below! MALDIVES PART 1, PLEASE WATCH ME! Another INSANE Maldives hotel, I cannot reccommend these …



  1. The Maldives looks so Instagram perfect! Been following your holiday on snapchat Em! So envious

  2. The Maldives looks SO beautiful like I can't get over how blue that sea was ?

  3. I want to meet you so bad ?❤️xx

  4. daisyb1987 says:

    Loving these Maldives vlogs! We are looking at it for honeymoon next year – hoping weather would be ok in August/September xx

  5. Wow this looks amazing! If you don't mind me asking, who was your holiday booked through? As I'm looking at the Maldives for a holiday next year xx

  6. The Bath tho ??? so jel Em and you looked so gorgeous ?

  7. LucyAndLydia says:

    This video is so good! Love how you kept saying about the DREAM bath! :)

  8. Gargs P says:

    Your vlogging skills are always on point ?

  9. Shay Holly says:

    This looks so amazing! The Maldives would be my dream place to go! Great video as always! xx

  10. You're such an amazing vlogger and the Maldives looks incred. Check out my channel, i'm new to you tube and would really appreciate any support <3

  11. Inthefrow says:

    Babe this is the dream! And you look incredible! Your hard work is truly inspiring! I'm currently gyming and watching as I type this haha xxx

  12. Carly Rowena says:

    BABE this is just TOO MUCH, TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!! xx

  13. now I feel like I really need to go back to the Maldives?

  14. Pia Arayna says:

    This looks like absolute heaven and makes me so excited to go to Mauritius next week ?

  15. Hannah Green says:

    Beautifully shot Em (and Matt). You're braver than me getting in the water with those sharkies…..enjoy your next part xx

  16. Where are those mirrored sunglasses from? Love the video Em!!

  17. HelloAmyy says:

    Loving these blogs, I wish i was there now!! You always look so so nice. Where are your sunglasses from ? xx

  18. Liam Pineiro says:

    That was like eye candy for a vlogger! Loved everything about it! Thanks for taking us along! :)

  19. Hasan Hamdan says:

    How can you leave a place that amazing?

  20. What is the title of the song u used?

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