The Best and Worst Airlines

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February 15, 2017
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These are the newest airline rankings, from best to worst. ▻▻Subscribe to Rubin Report for more: …



  1. kgdblade says:

    That girl really seems to hate me 🙂

  2. Luchkow says:

    I have never had a good united experience haha.

  3. CandyLaStar says:

    6:21 you want to put me in your what? … are you coming on to me mister 😉


    Don't expect anything from airlines in the states. 79 dollar tickets gets you 79 dollar services. Plus, the US has one of the most assbackwards airline system – poverty line airports and shitty old airplanes.

    Singapore/Hong Kong are clearly doing it right, and you don't get flights their for 79.99.

  5. If you fly international you have to fly KLM they have wonderful service, new planes, and pretty good food, just the only issues I had with them is no wifi on all planes

  6. JesGolbez says:

    It's not the flying so much as the BS before and after… TSA drones wasting your time, long line-ups, having to get to the airport hours before your flight..

  7. ttgzmar says:

    Air Canada is a pretty good airline

  8. Unown Uzer says:

    They should rename this to "The Best and Worst U.S. Airlines.

  9. 2014kaydee says:

    lmfao he singled out columbia then realized oops shouldn't have done that. he's right about miami though. when i was there i was like wtf??? is this florida?

  10. I've never flown once in my life, and for that I'm glad. Train travel FTW!

  11. Adam Boycott says:

    I had beef brisket and cranberry sauce. Wtf

  12. BrandonT800 says:

    When they said planes interior is falling apart that reminded me when i flew american airlines the seat dident lock in place an when i sat back my seat would recline i got it to lock when the plane was rotating on the runway during takeoff thank god

  13. ERAUPRCWA says:

    Airline travel at one time was for people who could afford it. Airlines likes Southwest, JetBlue and other low cost carriers cornered the market by having cheap tickets and no frills. But this plagued the industry because we as Americans want a lot for nothing.  'I want a tv, I want a blanket, I want a meal, I want to carry my entire apartment onboard with me, I want, I want, I want and I don't want to pay for it'.  You can only sustain that business model for so long before you have to start charging people. Not to mention, civilian public and aviation don't match. What people think is good service, really isn't. Just because your airplane is 20 years old, doesn't mean it's a bad aircraft.

  14. Rophoenix says:

    She's making dumb comments – Virgin America is more than lights in a club.  They have excellent customer service and genuinely do care about the customer.

  15. Clearly nobody working on that list has been on Icelandic Air

  16. I flew American Airlines and the flight attendants where so mean

  17. Dante Emmett says:

    Alaska is my favorite.

  18. Sam Martin says:

    Frontier is my favorite no problems,professional flight attendants,pilots,paid for carry on bags online got good seat assignments and comfortable seats

  19. Mr. EAS says:

    United is the worst, no surprise!

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