Ten Things to do in Paris: Paris Travel Guide

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March 17, 2017
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March 18, 2017

Ten Things to do in Paris: Paris Travel Guide – *Watch in HD* ( My name’s Quinn Russell, creator of luxury travel blog, www.



  1. I like your movie because:
    – You use well your camera
    – music is good ( I want to buy it), fed up of accordion and Edith Piaf in movies of this town
    – you show the town more than you
    I am not a tourist , i work in Paris but i like to watch movies on youtube about it so as to discover places i don't know

  2. Wow! Thank you so much, I definitely wanted to show the city as best as I could; Paris is so special. Next time I revisit I'll showcase sites that don't always show up in guidebooks and even get some aerials of the city.

  3. Rabia Baer says:

    I've been watching this over and over and pretending it is the view from my apartment I love watching the seagulls and the waves on the river too, so relaxing. Ah, Paris… Be in Paris: A Walk on the Seine

  4. Madrid Perry says:

    Great, intimate tour, well done!!! Love the use of Les Hommes for the background music 🙂

  5. Awesome video!!! How much money should I carry to experience all of that?

  6. i.am.vavay says:

    And you used my favorite tune!

  7. Rah Lam says:

    Going to paris at the end of July 2015 for pleasure…OMG this video was amazing and very helpful..almost served a Google maps sort of purpose where I visualize it before I get there…

    Only complaint…how can you not talk more about the food?!?…I know this video is about places but when you speak of paris atleast one of the places or atleast honorable mention has to involve food! Lol..

    Still loved the video and found it very entertaining. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience!

    Off to day dream about my chocolate croissants from a neighborhood Parisian patisserie!!

  8. Lynn Smith says:

    Thank you for your beautiful video.  What time of year was it made?  I'm going in mid May and am curious what to expect weather wise.  From what I've read, I might have to be prepared for anything.  

    Great Work! 🙂

  9. lp4ju says:

    I'll be there in August, I'm so excited and to this makes it even better

  10. soflo23 says:

    I think 6:35 I can do without.

  11. Nam TT says:

    i live in paris and this video is pretty cool. you can contact me if you want to know something

  12. What kind of camera did you use to shoot this, the shots are really smooth

  13. dblairw says:

    Quinn – Thanks for the awesome tour of Paris!  And congrats on a very artistic presentation – – the quality of your video was superb 🙂  🙂

  14. Like pic if vid for homework

  15. Ah, beautiful. I love Paris! I actually made a video from Paris too! Paris is a city you just have to visit.

  16. Sana A says:

    how much is it to get on top of the eiffel tower??

  17. esden says:

    even ghetto hood people can travel to paris these days

  18. Justin McGee says:

    Does anybody else think he looks a little like Kanye? Lol

  19. love this video I will be there in June 2017…and u are handsome btw lol…

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