SONY A6000 TRAVEL GEAR | Recommendations for Lenses, Batteries and More

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January 7, 2017
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The Sony A6000 is a fantastic travel camera, but what gear should you bring in your kit when you go on a trip? In this episode, I discuss some of the gear in my …



  1. josh prause says:

    I have a camera bag I travel with usually it's a canon 6d and 7d with a 50mm and a 35mm prime a 28-135 and a 75-300 plus a 430ex2 flash and a Pentax k1000 and a 50mm prime. It's sounds heavy but isn't that bad. I don't edit at all while traveling. Partly due to the crappy internet I tend to find and because I like to give myself some space and just focus on enjoying the trip.

  2. FOMH says:

    I never go on a trip without the A6000. Just like you said, compact and excellent quality.

  3. Great video Dan. Packing a small travel kit is such a challenge for me. I always want to bring everything I own. I shoot a lot of my videos with the A6300 but the a6000 is a great camera too. For film, I either bring my Mamiya 645 and a couple lenses or if I want to go super light, I'll bring my Olympus XA. I've finally realized by bringing less gear, I'm free to focus on shooting rather than on the gear I'm shooting with… at least that's what I try to do, I don't always succeed.

  4. hello. i bought sony a6000 and i wonder how do i carry it using by backpack in my mountain travells. first i wanted something like this
    but it is very hard to use… and i also need something protected all around – to not let sand or dust get inside the bag and camera. please can you tell me where to get a good bag. thanks

  5. Eric Saxton says:

    I too have to Sony a6000 and shoot film. You should carry an adapter to use your film lenses on the a6000. The zuiko 50mm 1.8 is an awesome lens on the a6000. Happy Travels!

  6. Great videos! Keep them coming would love to see one on best setting for an sony A5100

  7. Old Cameras says:

    I need to get that 20mm f2.8 lens. The kit lens is great, but it's not fast enough. I currently use helios 44-2 for f2 goodness, but the focal length is pretty long on a cropped sensor. I'm yet to find a wide-angle vintage lens I like on the A6000.

  8. Old Cameras says:

    OM-1 vs AE-1 omg, that's a hard to make choice, both near-perfect cameras 🙂

    I learnt my lesson long ago after losing an SD card with thousands of irreplaceable photos in Cuba. I send my photos from the A6000 to my iPhone, which syncs them up to Flickr straight away.

  9. I know most photographers prefer to go with a light kit like this when they travel. When I travel, though, I generally bring my normal, heavy camera kit. My reasoning is that I'm going places and seeing things different from the everyday norm of my life, and I want as much versatility as possible to capture that.

    I'm still working on a lightweight kit that will do most of what I need while saving me the travel headaches (and backaches!) of my standard kit. None of the mirrorless systems meet my needs completely, though some are getting close. I'm still hoping that Nikon will bring out an F mount mirrorless. That would be perfect for me.

  10. Could you look at some telephoto lenses? My primary interest in adapting my A6000 was buying a budget-friendly telephoto lens. I have purchased a 300mm Pentax F4. I'm also interested in teleconverters.

  11. I use 28mm on a FF and can struggle in cities as it's just not wide enough. (Architectural views). Does Sony do an affordable ultra Wide?

  12. adasharon says:

    What is the best for Sony a6000 different photos shooting?

  13. I also like to shoot film! I have the AE-1. I have the a6000 with sigma 30mm f2.8 most of the time, Rokinon 12mm f2.0 for night sky. I also just started to make some videos for fun, so I want to try the kit lens for that and see if it works or not.
    Do you think getting a Sony 35mm f1.8 would be a better option than my Sigma? I feel like sony can be sharper? Probably it's better since if I want to shoot a video, I can just use it since it has the OSS but the sigma doesn't.

  14. An RN says:

    short and sweet! i always bring my Sony E PZ 18-105mm f/4 G OSS Lens :)

  15. I recently bought the sony a6000 and it surprised me due the amazing speed of the camera and the low light preform. This is by far my camera of choice… Besides the gorrilapod is super versatile and compact, it's very nice for remote shots and timelapse photography but if you want to do long exposures with it then the pictures will be useless (by experience). Also, i always carry with me 3 batteries 2 SD cards and 1 double slot USB charger and a battery bank . I recommend the USB charger if you do a lot of hikes or you don't have any power source nearby (my style).


  16. Louis Luzuka says:

    say hello to your new subscriber subbed

  17. Hello? Thanks for the awesome video. I'm currently using the A6000 with two lenses sel35f18 as my prime and sel55210 for the zoom. I just bought it about 3 months ago. Since I only bought the camera body only and don't own the kit lens, I want to buy another lens that is portable and has zoom. The range I want is around 10~15 m(32~49 feet). What are some good options. It doesn't have to be Sony lenses. I've heard that Sigma Art and Tamron lenses are good too.

  18. Tugboat says:

    great video, we are going to bali in 2 weeks time, and have decided to take just the 35mm. meaning no zoom, haaaaa. but also means just a small day pack

  19. Hi, I really want the a6300 but the store I want it from (as I have store credit) doesn't have it in stock and they're not sure when they'll have it again. Should I get the a6000 or do you know any good alternatives?i really want the 4K aspect but I think I could live without it. Thank you :)

  20. Redhome Work says:

    what a good lens for sony a6000 ? and in low light this sony is better?

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