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May 13, 2017
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OPEN ME ❣❣❣❣ Sephora Holiday sale is almost here!! 😀 Here are my product recommendations. Here’s my blog post for full list of products: …



  1. Shampoo Wow says:

    Nice video! I like it

  2. SecksyCream says:

    very thorough video 🙂 also love the fact you give Canadian prices since I'm in Canada too ^^

  3. callmelails says:

    oh my gosh so many goodies!! I want to come to your house to play makeup!! big thumbs up and thanks for sharing beautiful xox

  4. Nikki S. says:

    Your makeup looks 💣💣💣

  5. So many goodies, I just became Vib rouge. So I'm really excited lol! Going to try those lashes from Huda for sure !

  6. Liz Bzz says:

    definitely interested in the huda lipstick set!

  7. Hehe in italy They use to do the 15%, more is rare 😭😭 anyway beautiful products 😍

  8. J. Lee says:

    the too faced chocolate bon bons palette is so pretty and the packaging too! i was thinking of getting it

  9. Do you know if beauty insiders get anything?

  10. Aminah says:

    Hey question.. Can a vib member bring in more than one beauty insider friend? And the same or different time.. ?

  11. Great recommendations as always sweetie! Wow you've hit pan on your Baby Love blush😃 I've yet to make a dent on mine and I think we bought them around the same time🙈 I do love it though, such a pretty shade! I picked up Mac Chilli at the airport this time thanks to you, love it so sooo much!! 😍🙌🏻

  12. Kiara S says:

    Such a poor quality video.. I was so excited to learn about your recommendations but I just couldn't hear anything because of all the people talking in the background, the faucet running continuously and someone doing the dishes. It was very hard for me to hear anything. I wish you would put some effort in your videos, at least tidy up the background so we don't see creases in it!

  13. Marlen Soto says:

    Awesome recommendations ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love your videos 🙌 I will check out some of the products you mentioned.

  14. R x says:

    will surely try few of them! 😊

  15. Paola V says:

    I went to Sephora twice today for the vib rouge sale 😳 I might have to go back for the Huda lashes I really want to try them ☺

  16. Rana Ahmed says:

    Can't believe I only saw this now!!! -.- I thought I had watched it but I guess it was your other video! You made me want so much more stuff!! Like the Champagne Pop highlight (yeah I'm the only one on the planet who doesnt have it yet haha) and the Sephora #13 Lip Gloss! I was gonna ask you what you had on your lips, it's gorgeous!! I want the Huda Beauty lashes too but I cant wear lashes for the life of me! Hahaha! And the Blow Dryer!! Damn now I regret not buying more! Haha

  17. Love seeing your Haul.. I shopped during VIB Rouge too. I'm still waiying on delivery of my products…. Their distribution center is Wayyyyyyy Backed up😢– you seem very informed. Do you know if the Rouge can shop again during the regular VIB dates ??

  18. xojasminee says:

    No girl you NEED the MR palette! It is raved about for a reason!

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