Sedona Arizona: My #1 Recommended Travel Spot

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June 23, 2017
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June 24, 2017

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  1. Been here and lived here in Arizona Very great place to visit=Artsy:)Flagstaff gets very cold depending on when you visit there:)My thing Visit where you choose to:)Choice is yours My recommendations Shopping=Mill avenue places,Scottsdale fashion square Google=Best answer Source:)Have Fun,Lighter clothes,Bikini=Pool weather gets hot as a Motherfucker in this State:)Love it:)

  2. I'm looking forward to my trip to Sedona soon. Thanks for the little tour! Also, I do like your hat! 🙂

  3. Beastsaver says:

    Arcturian Philosophy on you tube fell off one of those cliffs, at Bell Rock and died, don't get over enthusiastic about climbing those rocks people. It can be dangerous. It can be terminal. So sad.

  4. mc molly says:

    Watch out you might get kidnapped and then rapped by reptilians aliens.

  5. The Red Rocks are Iron Oxide most likely and the white ones are silica dioxide and non conductive,,, see the ridges and terraces… it seems an electrical discharge happened there… I've been there so I knw how beautiful it all is,,, ancient too,,, but it looks like the site of a major event from the sky,,,, or earth n some other body,,,,connecting magnetically

    Video and too much talking;-(

  7. Sedona is beautiful, but I love Oak Creek. 😆 Luckily, I only live 18 miles north in Flagstaff…my very favorite place!!

  8. snoibs says:

    you made me homesick!!!

  9. sychophantt says:

    the scenery in Sedona will impact your life for sure

  10. h says:

    why are you everywhere? I saw your Las Vegas buffet review. what do you for living

  11. Gnat Foehn says:

    That is why Arizona is the only state proud enough about it's sunset to make it our flag. The blue is misleading though, it's should be flames on the ground.

  12. Devo Dar says:

    Thanks for the vid. I got married at the bottom of cathedral rock 14 years ago. Was awesome every time I go back it's even better.

  13. Tony Peluso says:

    I've had the same love affair with Sedona since I was 11 years old and growing up in Phoenix. That was in the 50s. Now almost 60 years later, I'm still going back. I love the place so much, I wrote a novel about it. "Archangel of Sedona," available on Amazon. Check it out.

  14. Truly Awesome filming accomplished here ! Awesome sharing ! 5 thumbs up Video 🙂

  15. Hey Mike! Another great video! I just love your attitude and your energy and I think I'm already subscribed to your videos on another channel? Not sure though it is good to see your familiar face. So cool that I found video tho, as I live here, in Sedona! I didn't know that you came through here until watching this one. Sedona is incredible, and as someone who has lived here over 7 years thus far I can definitively say that not all days are as busy as others with regard to tourism. I don't know anyone who regrets living here and I know I've never been happier as I am these days. For many of us, every day feels like we just got here! hahaha When you come through, I'd be happy to share with you some of my favorite spots. I'm a history buff, and I love the local stories! My favorite spots list just continues growing though so maybe sometime consider staying more than a day! Much love and safe travels! ~ Karen

  16. Just got back from Sedona… Created one of our web-series around it. What an amazing place!

  17. NightStrike says:

    Awesome vid! I grew up in Sedona and I'm going back bext year! your vid made me homesick.

  18. Kathy Hu says:

    Why generic people think they have some type egocentric self serving purpose to reveal quiet sacred places to other Disney World generic exploiters locusts stay in ny

  19. Flower Bin says:

    You should consider living in phoenix as a home base. It is way less expensive than new york or san francisco . In the west valley there is a great asian sore called Lee Lee's, so you could get great food. It is not nearly as cosmipolitan as the cities you have lived in, but it wouls let you be close to the wide open spaces you seem to love. I know how you feel because I am currrently living in Missouri and get weird homesick feelings when I watch you in Arizona. I only lived there for 5 years but my family spent many years of their live there. I have been visiting Arizona since II was 10 and now I am 46.

  20. Flower Bin says:

    So many typos in my last entry! I meant great store! Oh there is also good dim sum downtown Phoenix at the Chinese heritage center. So, you wouldn't have to go without. I miss dim sum living in my small town here in the Midwest.

  21. check out Bisbee and Tombstone Arizona !! interesting attractions and amazing views in Bisbee

  22. shows pretty desert nice music shows city burning in the distance hey check out this cave guys

  23. Elana Snyder says:

    awww, ur terrific. ive been in flagstaff for 6 years and never seen Sedona

  24. Love the hat. Thinking about a trip late summer 2017.

  25. twodogs716 says:

    My favorite place upon Earth.
    Camped there, many times.
    Swam in Oak Creek (Canyon).

  26. RV Free says:

    Sedona if one of the more beautiful places in America. Thanks for showing us cool places. Maybe it is just me but the video is very jerky especially when you pan around and is hard to watch?!

  27. MS 37 says:

    Sedona AZ is the nicest place I've ever been to. I love it.

  28. Nicole Dean says:

    Yay, one of my fav youtubers in my home town! Interesting factoid about Cathedral Rock: It's name was accidentally switched with another rock on the first map of the area and the incorrect names stuck. What used to be called Courthouse Rock is now called Cathedral Rock; what used to be called Cathedral Rock is now called Courthouse Rock. If you look at Cathedral Rock from the right angle, you will see a courthouse scene of a judge marrying a couple.

  29. Angel Garcia says:

    i used to live there i loved it

  30. jafet vidal says:

    My favorite place in AZ is Mt.lemmon

  31. samhardy2008 says:

    my wife and I went there for our honeymoon…. by far my most favorite place in the world.

  32. I used to live there for about a year and a half a long time ago. I had such a great time there. I miss it a lot

  33. Simon Vance says:

    Sedona is like heaven on earth, I know exactly what you mean! I was there for 10 days on a 3 month road touring trip and was so sad to leave.. but I WILL be back!…

  34. Zoe says:

    You're really funny, this video made me laugh so much. I do like your hat by the way

  35. hi nice video place in 7:43 ?

  36. Gary Lazo says:

    I believe you but try Sequia Nat. Park on a cloudy day and hike above the clouds .I will be going to Sedona thanks for your insight

  37. Luke Johnson says:

    If you support Sedona, then you support slavery, as well as socialism. Most of the people that pour your coffee, or straighten your sheets here in Sedona are modern day slaves….They travel anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours just to serve your yuppie a*s…..why, You might ask, if you gave a sh*t, well, it's because to be able to live in Sedona, you have to be a CEO, or a lawyer, or a doctor, or even a trust fund baby…..

    The local paper is ran by the local gov't, so the murders and thievery are covered up….In fact we just had a shooting last week…

    Sedona is ran by 30 private individuals that own most everything, business owners pay outrageous rent prices….sorta remincent of the 300 people that rule the world (billionares). Sales tax is15% so screw the people that live here too…

    Come to Sedona, spend all your money and support modern day slavery…..

  38. not enough scenery lots of close up of you 🙁

  39. JelloCrave says:

    Visited there once for my birthday, it's been my plan to make it back permanently ever since

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