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June 7, 2017
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Welcome to Seattle, a city that straddles the modern world and the natural one. While it’s …



  1. Aquarius1011 says:

    I stay by Cape Town, South Africa, and have visited Seattle. Nice city. It is also said that Seattle is now the most liberal city in the USA. It's a case of the Space Needle being the new Statue of Liberty – a symbol of higher consciousness coming down.

  2. Andrew G says:

    Seoul Korea I dream to visit

  3. Who came herw from infamous second son 😂

  4. Jay C. says:

    Unquestionably Beautiful!

  5. mribanez91 says:

    Take it easy with the moving here stuff. Look at home prices first

  6. Seattle looks like such a nice city. If/when I travel to the US I'd go to Seattle.

  7. Luis Lopez says:

    Infamous second son

  8. Alidel says:

    I live in Seattle it's so awesome like other states guys I hope you one us gonna go to Seattle Washington 😀

  9. Blaze_007 says:

    Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, Grunge, Rain, Cloudiness, Liberal, Green, Clean, Beautiful, Moderate Climate etc.

    A few things that pop into my head when I think of Seattle. Which is why I love it.

  10. Great restuarants in Seattle:

    Din Tai Fung – Chinese Food
    Skillet – American Food
    Kizuki Ramen – Japanese food
    Great State Burger – American food
    Ba Bar – Vietnamese food
    Monsoon – Vietnamese food
    Chavez – Mexican Food

    Fancy restaurants $$$$:

    Canlis – American food (PNW)
    John Howie Steak – Steak House
    Cinque Terre – Italian food
    Maximilien Restuarant – French

  11. I just visited Seattle! I loooved the Fish and Chips at Lowell's haha. Also, counting all the Starbucks was fun too 😛

  12. kimmyw010 says:

    I'm from the south so this city has been on my bucket list forever, I gotta visit soon.

  13. Aryan Kapoor says:

    I lived here for ten years. Moved to California and want to go back so bad😩

  14. Ella GT says:

    I live in Seattle and honestly it's very beautiful and overall Washington is very pretty for its amazing trails or views. Just the thing I don't like is the rain, but you cant call us Washington without the rain.

  15. It is so beautiful ) Thanks for uploaed this video!

  16. Enoch Mendee says:

    Are which I could have somebody to help me live in this beautiful city. if anyone to help me, this is my e-mail address egmendeedaddy89@gmail. com I from Liberia and I want help

  17. Travel Daft says:

    hopefully one day I will visit from Scotland.

  18. I've wanted to live in Seattle or Olympia for a while now. Not much in PA

  19. Kou Yang says:

    Seattle is best known for being the home of American serial killer Gary Ridgway, The Green River Killer.

  20. In 3 weeks I will be heading to Seattle for the first time , I can't wait!!

  21. The Don says:

    I'll wait till after the Nuke. It'll be more interesting a few years after it's safe from the fallout. Remember to get under your desk kids and don't look at the bright light.

  22. What restaurant is that @1:09

  23. What about the weather there ? I read somewhere it's boring in summer

  24. Sub Shop says:

    When it's raining in Seattle, it sort of reminds me of Paris. They also forgot to add the chihuly glass museum.

  25. leeazo says:


    1) Space Needle
    2) Rain ☔
    3) Seahawks
    4) More RAIN ☔
    5) Coffee/Starbucks
    6) Lots of Rainbows 🌈—because of the RAIN ☔
    7) Mariners
    8) Never being thirsty—because of the RAIN ☔
    9) Music 🎶
    10) Did I forget to mention RAIN?


  27. i loved seattle I want to go back!!!

  28. Levy LB says:

    Home of the Seattle SuperSonics

  29. cv ocasio says:

    Enjoying Seattle, this is beautiful !

  30. This is just stunning city:)

  31. El Maylov says:

    life is sad. i can't visit Seattle this summer.

  32. Drew Conway says:

    1:42 "…miles of shore front beaches…." Don't all beaches front the shore? And Mt. Rainier is not pronounced "Run-eer."

  33. The city I live in! I'm blessed.

  34. which is the best state in the US? i am coming to the us for my study so i want to live in the cool state

  35. Kal Tak News says:

    workink hard to be there . i hope i will be there soon .

  36. jim bryant says:

    What a gorgeous city! I wish I had chosen to live there when Pat and I got engaged in 1975.

  37. so want so leave my Country and live in usa for few Years

  38. Next month I will be there ☺️

  39. I want to move to Seattle so badly! 😍 Currently live in the LA County in CA. This city had always held my heart haha, hopefully future events will allow me to call Seattle my permanent home. 💖🌄

  40. FRESHSCAB says:

    Swear im gonna live in Seattle in the future.

  41. The city of our lord and saviour GABEN

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