Netherlands Travel | 10 Best Places to Visit in the Netherlands

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October 1, 2017
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10 Best Places to Visit in the Netherlands No visit to Holland is complete without a visit to the capital city, Amsterdam; however, there are so many more thrilling …



  1. Very pretty presentation but the horrible computer voice makes it almost unwatchable. My advice? Turn off the sound and just read the subtitles.

  2. I've been to Amsterdam and I love the city. However, there are so many beautiful places to see. Yes, I turned off the sound but without the background music, it is boring. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yaron Hutten says:

    wtf is wrong with u guys if u visit the Netherlands u should go to the amusementpark "the Efteling"

  4. SIG442 says:

    'Holland' is NOT the right name for the Netherlands. Holland is referring to either North or South Holland provinces, a town in America or several ancient Dutch forts. It does NOT say anything official about the country name. A very common mistake American's love to make.

    Another big mistake is claiming that the most visited locations by tourists will automatically be the best locations to visit. It is only saying that those places are the most visited by tourists and nothing more.

  5. Other interesting cities in The Netherlands are 's Hertogenbosch, Breda, Nijmegen, Deventer, Franeker, Harlingen, Hoorn, Enkhuizen, Alkmaar, Zierikzee, Middelburg, …

  6. Holland…. If the name sells…..Why not 🙂

  7. marcel maas says:

    Another computerized voice-over. Gruesome!

  8. I've been to Amsterdam hope to see more!

  9. meghanf2012 says:

    This could have been a good video if it didn't have that darn computer voice. Can't even watch it.

  10. Arvid Peters says:

    I am from the netherlends

  11. Czar Zenana says:

    You confuse towns with places and even then I still miss the towns of Zwolle and Breda.
    More interesting places: de Maasvlakte, de Afsluitdijk, de Wadden-eilanden, het Ijsselmeer.

  12. beautiful,pictures tic vedio & the voice quality is also ok 🎑

  13. nazmun nahar says:

    It is really amazing

  14. k c says:

    Nonsense, the 10 best places to visit in the Netherlands aren't in any lists for good reason. Any small pond with its menagerie of creatures making a magical spring chorus; the coastal dwarf oak woods, the islands, with the bird life, the beaches, the dunescapes, the cycle path network which are the worlds envy, the huge tankers going down the rivers, the tulip fields in April/May etc etc

  15. KATWIJK IS REALLY NICE TOO😂 it's probably one of the places where you see the most old fashioned thing (idk if i spelled it right or used it right i'm sorry)

  16. ik mis Lisse (Keukenhof)

  17. Ik grosch auch .holane.

  18. Suwandy Lee says:

    Netherland fuck and fuck

  19. World Top 10, your videos are great but can you make the voice more human??

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