My Favourite Portable Headphones! (Mid-2015)

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April 26, 2017
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April 27, 2017

My favourite portable headphones for 2015. ○ Support this channel! ○ Thanks everyone for clicking the Like button …



  1. jipmip2332 says:

    Why do you have so many headphones? Are you just a massive audiophile or do you get sponsored to review these?

  2. h isbilir says:

    Audio technica m50's opened a new world for me , m70s should be better. I can suggest them to anybody. No turning back once you listen with monitor headphones :).

  3. Will Kenway says:

    Thanks for the great reviews! Helped my understanding of headphones (especially understanding which harsher headphones hurt my ears!) 🙂

  4. hey review bose soundlink wireless headphones on ear please

  5. is "aliexpress" > "shenzhen Phone Accessories Store(china)"
    ath-msr7 any good guys ? is it the legit ? its only 78-110$ (w/ &w/out box)

  6. Hey lachlan I wnated to ask if you've replaced the pads on the MSR7's or if it's something you'd recommend doing because I'm looking into buying them as my first pair of "serious" headphones. Thanks I know this is a bit late this vid. just popped up in my recommended so I'm just like why not?

  7. Kobi Luke says:

    This just earned you another sub. You make super high quality vids. Great work.

  8. spacecats says:

    it would be nice for you to try the hifiman edition s as Its pretty much a closed AND open back headphone all in one package! now I'm not too sure about the noise isolation but it does look promising!

  9. You should re do this video this year 🙂

  10. Have you ever taken it up the spring roll?

  11. Jiseok_H says:

    Which in-ear earpones would you recommend for a person who listens to a lot of instrumentals and classical music? Also which features should i be looking for, in terms of "highs" and "lows". i dont really know what they mean

  12. review a 5 dollar earphones!

  13. lachlan, have you ever paired your headphones with portable DAC or Amplifier? do you have any suggestion?
    you deserve more more subscriber. i like your style on reviewing headphones

  14. b E q A says:

    I think you have more headphones and earphones than music to listen 😂

  15. spacecats says:

    I'm looking for a pair of good portable headphones. I've never had a good pair of headphones and want to start in the portable area as I like to listen to music when I'm out and about. tbh, I just want some comfy headphones that give good noise isolation and under $250 🙂

  16. Is it me or just in this video his neck is like a girrafe

  17. Connor says:

    Is there are a place where I can get the Red and Gold MSR7s? I'm from the UK and have been unable to find a legit site besides Amazon where the headphone is sold. I can't afford to pay £400.00 for a pair, HELP!

  18. JC-130 says:

    Dude what kind of little bitch gets annoyed by a little hiss on headphones???

  19. iamyou says:

    Royksopp, Placebo, The Doors, The Knife, Crystal Castles, I think I could fall in love with your itunes library xx

  20. audio technica ath s300 or sennheiser hd 202 2nd. please prefer …

  21. i mean. which one should be preferred

  22. Mike F says:

    1. DT770 with removable cable mod
    2. Fostex T50RP MK3 with Shure pads
    3. Sony MDR1A

    Yea, they make look obnoxious but that's the life of an audiophile.

  23. A deserted island with people and noise, hmm… For me it's the Sony MDR-1A – ticks all the boxes. At home, HD650 – ticks all the boxes.

  24. Kirby Rs says:

    Really, big thanks for so expanded description. =)

  25. mdr-aap are the best !! 😀 😀

  26. Luek Wong says:

    May you please make a video comparing the V-Moda M100 vs the Audio Technica ATH-MSR7? Thanks!

  27. m70x,im70 and im03 are my on the go as well as my home listening headphones and iem….i always have them packed together inside of my m70x carrying case along with 2 female to 1 male connectors for extra plugin.

  28. I have just subscribed : )

  29. krenkson says:

    check Denon HP800, brilliant sound

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