My Favorite Korean Beauty Shops Tour + My Best Recommendations! The Travel Breakdown

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January 15, 2017
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January 16, 2017

Also, I know there’s a “puffing” sound on the mic but it’s WAY better than the original audio 🙂 It was a little windy because it was going to rain so I had to get it …



  1. izziebelle says:

    hahaha that lady at 2:36

  2. aznchienne says:

    Too cold for school!

  3. aznchienne says:

    Too cool for school *

  4. Sleen says:

    ohymygoooood the effort you put in your videos is uhmazing. youre probs a natural at talking about beauty brands but its so great that you spread the tonne of information you know

  5. HOLIKA HOLIKA <3 Love your vlogs Morgan :D

  6. Omg !!!!!
    I Wish i could be there and buy. Enjoy your time there ?

  7. Deema.S says:

    You honestly make the BEST K- beauty videos ever :D

  8. Your outfit is soooo cute! And you look so much younger if you tied your hair like that 🙂
    Thanks for the Myeongdong tour! I want to go there sometimes in the future :>

  9. Josie M. says:

    yes. I've seen a lot of yummy videos about foods in there too. I'm definitely saving up for my trip there 🙂 thank you for sharing

  10. DsGalaxies says:

    Thank you for sharing (=

  11. I have looked in every target I can find for Leniege and have never found them ugh I will have to just keep looking

  12. Ryl Cruz says:

    You're my favorite beauty blogger! Every video was so informative. I'm planning to go to Korea this summer and your videos are very helpful. Thank you! Love from the Philippines :)

  13. cherlizzle says:

    Thanks, Morgan! I appreciate you going over the must try items from each store! I'm planning to visit Seoul this year and am very excited after watching your video!

  14. Sonia Orozco says:

    Is the faceshop a good brand? Thanks

  15. Lisa Ly says:

    loved it made me miss shopping there! hope I get the chance to go back tehehehe ^ o ^

  16. RYN - says:

    This video makes me want to go ASAP to SEOUL!!!!?????

  17. Park Eunsol says:

    You're so cute :)

  18. LinLinh Vu says:

    These stores need to pay you for this video lol…. This video is like a speed-commerical/reporting on all brand LOL

  19. Junah Jang says:

    wat about the face shop?

  20. Somy Lee says:

    The Face Shop!!!

  21. The Face Shop is a pretty good brand with all natural ingredients. I love that you pointed out that there was some different skin tone BB cremes. It really makes me happy because most of the makeup products I would like to buy are indeed Korean and I didn't think that they had different shades.

  22. logie bear says:

    i adore you so much megann mahgaa

  23. tasha jungah says:

    where you get your mic :)

  24. tasha jungah says:

    BTW the correct way to say beautiful is arumdaeun just letting you I'm Korean so just helping you out girly :)

  25. can you film in korean stores or it is forbidden?

  26. thank you for sharing!! great info 🙂 a new subby from Canada

  27. bambis46 says:

    Hi Morgan: Every store looks close – is that right? Where in Seoul would all these stores be? My boys are still single! ????

  28. I love these videos! Youre so confident to just talk and love that you don't mind the people staring ? I'd be nervous ?

  29. How are you not an actress btw??? The camera loves you ??

  30. Aruna suresh says:

    Hey Morgan I love all ur videos .. I am frm India I am loving Korean products form ur videos

  31. flowerchord says:

    thanks for the awesome beauty tours, you should check out too cool for school which I didn't know about until I saw it in korea :)

  32. I love you so much! Thank you for all the videos!

  33. Kikimorkify says:

    Really sweet video! Thanks for all the recommendations!!! ^^

  34. Susan Iwata says:

    Hi Morgan!  Have you tried products from the Face Shop?

  35. what sunscreen do you recomment for oily sensitive skin

  36. so nice of you giving us all the good stores that you love. Are these all in seoul never been there but I'm hoping to go there to shop products

  37. is there a specific place in seoul for all these stores.

  38. Gosh morgan! This video is great. It's funny though. ? Those people passing by. The way they looked at you is funny

  39. gierouge _16 says:


  40. Maryam Suh says:

    In which season they have the big sales? Or exactly which month?

  41. You are the best! Love all your videos, making plans to visit Korea especially for all the skin care products 🙂 Ps. Your skin is GOALS!

  42. Ebee Chu says:

    Who was recording?

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