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May 26, 2017
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May 27, 2017

With its pristine beaches and palm tree-lined streets, Miami is one of the top tourist …



  1. instant5771 says:

    Thank you for a nice video; however, be aware of an error that should be corrected: At 4:20: "Miami is one of those dream-destinations that APPEAL [not "appeals"] to everyone…" Rearranged shows correctness: "Of those dream-destinations that APPEAL to everyone, Miami is one…" It sounds unlearned, to say the least.



  3. miami don't have a skyline

  4. ilir cuci says:

    Why now subtitles are no longer in the Italian language

  5. It's a new 125-floor building called Holiday Hotel Tower.

  6. Anyone knows what's the name of the song?

  7. I went here for the first time back in July. I loved every minute of it. The Cuban food was delicious, the weather was sunny, the beach was stunning and the hotel I stayed at was just dope.

  8. Manoj p.k says:

    Great place. Amazing presentation !!!! Thank you!

  9. @1:17 i stayed there at the clay hotel , the area was awesome highly recommend it

  10. khalil720 says:

    I love Miami😁❤

  11. Cole Doran says:

    watch my latest video, Its a video about my trip to miami!

  12. I'm proud to be a Floridian, I've traveled the world and no other place can compare aside from Cali. I miss you, Florida. I think California & Florida are an even-tie. Both are amazing states.

  13. Prologue says:

    The only bad thing about miami are the reckless drivers. But everything else is amazing… Especially the food..

  14. Miami feels like home to me i am cuban i love living here

  15. Xert says:

    Mountains? Not here! I was born and raised in Florida and hardly travel so it's sort of annoying.

  16. Очень красивое видео!

  17. I lived I'm Miami but no I live in Charlotte north carlina

  18. My goal is to own a dope ass mansion in Miami in the near future.. spending time here only in the summer! Thanks Expedia! 🌴🏊🚘🌴🌊

  19. freya ! says:

    is there a american girl store??

  20. S GENERAL says:


  21. i love the video but please don't promote the seaquariums and zoo's!

  22. I love my city being represented 🙂 305 Miami forever!!!

  23. I've lived in Miami. What a piece of shit. It simply amazes me when so many international tourists think this town is so great, when it is arguably the penis of America. Very overpriced too. But I do love Florida. There are so much better places in America over this town.

  24. Anybody recomend visiting miami?

  25. Fl4wl3ss 54 says:

    I'm going this year. I can't wait. 😀

  26. Miami lovely 💜💜💜💜

  27. Diego andres says:

    miami una ciudad construida con manos latinas

  28. I live at that place.And all there saying is true you should try it out it's so beautiful in that City Miami and Miami Beach it's not that all your doing is just not exploring doing boring stuff all the rich people are there you need to go to Miami.let me tell you one more thing . You can't go to Miami if you're not even rich you need to be rich once you go there

  29. Malin OnPe says:

    thumbs up for bikini girls in Miami!

  30. Tony Droid says:

    Thank you for advertising Seaquarium!

  31. MemeStar says:

    My brother just moved out there. I think I'm gunna go visit him this summer.

  32. My city ! 305 till die

  33. My Dream City !
    Will visit at least once before i die.

  34. Nice place to visit 😊😊

  35. meanwhile in canada

  36. arsnakeheart says:

    Can't wait for the next GTA set in Vice City

  37. sonu kumar says:

    thanks for new city watching in ytube

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