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Travel Style: Geoffrey Baer
July 16, 2017
July 17, 2017

Mexico City is one of the financial powerhouses and cultural capitals of Latin America; …



  1. Is capital in Latinoamérica

  2. 222222e says:

    I'm going here in 2 days

  3. Evans O says:

    I just became a supporter of Pumas UNAM and I might move to Mexico City to flee Trump's America. Who's with me?

  4. OKjoey86 says:

    I've traveled quite a bit, and I've seen some beautiful places, but I've never considered Mexico City. That's changed; this is on my list of places to see.

  5. I travel quite a bit and I always watch an Expedia video before I go and it becomes a part of my memory. I absolutely LOVED Mexico City!

    By the way, Expedia… are you going to make one for Beijing, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, and Cairo? That would be amazing

  6. sea lover says:

    Expedia I would love to see a viedeo shoot on Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta.

  7. please do gudulujara and monterey and cabos san lucas

  8. Que gran orgullo el mío de ser mexicana!

  9. I will go there with my BF in March!

  10. bigfellaoo7 says:

    There this April. it's going to be fun

  11. YO ARGENTINO says:


  12. México City is amazing, i don't know why they are migrating to the USA?

  13. This looks way better than San Francisco , it smells like piss everywhere and sometimes shit on the streets , TRUTH

  14. Wei Kung says:

    this city looks amazing! Thank you!

  15. I love Mexico ❤.. with love from Nigeria

  16. Liz Chapa says:

    Beautiful city! ❤🇲🇽

  17. Luke Sohnly says:

    La ciudad de méxico 💛

  18. Moufida mouf says:

    I love you so much Mexico you're so fabulous..big hug from Algeria

  19. do one in Dhaka city

  20. faltó Garibaldi, La Villa, Teotihuacan, el Kiosko Morisko, Plaza de las tres culturas, el Centro de Tlalpan, el Templo Mayor, la lista no acaba jajaja buen video

  21. Overrated city Chicago and Toronto are way better cities

  22. JSM4N says:

    I like a lot Mexico

  23. Mexico city is the only beautiful city in mexico

  24. Mexico is beautiful no doubt, but like anywhere in the world don't go looking for trouble cause u will find it. U dont go to Chicago to hang out in englewood. U go to the areas where u know ur going to enjoy and b safe. Enjoy Mexico my friends.

  25. Looks beautiful. Might visit next year. Can't wait.

  26. Mexico is a shithole. So is Central America.

  27. Gabby Sandi says:

    I can't wait to visit beautiful Mexico City this July!!! It looks so beautiful!

  28. Meu Deus! A Cidade do México é linda! Saudações do Brasil!

  29. PurpleSwils says:

    I'm Mexican but I've lived in the US my whole life… I want to visit Mexico City some day 😢

  30. how about the philippines?

  31. Hey! I'll be spending four weeks in Mexico City, taking Spanish lessons and… well, I don't know. Any suggestions on good places to meet people and make friends? (I'm 27, graduating with an ivy-leave master's, …so I'm looking to be around a similar crowd)

  32. ConnollyCove says:

    Beautful scenes…I liked your video as usual. :):)

  33. How it looks legit if my country was that beautiful I would never come here to America

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