Maui, Hawaii Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

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Maui is the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands and is the 17th largest island in the United States. Maui is part of the State of Hawaii …



  1. Panzer Raven says:

    The only bad thing about visiting Maui is that once you have been there , the rest of world looks …. Nice but it just cant match Maui 😉

  2. does anyone recommend kihei or lahaiana for beaches??

  3. churozg says:

    I have one of those SWAG hats, with MAUI on it 😀

  4. Teodora Corb says:

    amazing scenery here!

  5. I'm going in 6 days and I'm so excited!

  6. Tom Gillen says:

    i leave 11/7/15 will report back in on 11/18/15 aloha!!!!!!

  7. Space Spark says:


  8. Can someone tell me if maui or kauai is better ? And why?

  9. V Lowe says:

    At 1:46 there's a shark fin behind surfer….still wanna go?

  10. I was there 2 times, it's the best

  11. Ingen Ting says:

    It's so nice there I'd be happy and just perfectly fine dying, bloating, putrefying and decomposing anywhere there in the heat of the sun! My only concern would be if my smelly and rapidly rotting corpse would in any way disturb the wonderful surroundings 🙂

  12. Really cool into detail's on totally happenings !

  13. Ajmal shah says:

    gigantic nature view in hwaii

  14. Rudy Rms says:

    I sure miss maui my wife and I went when we were dating that was our pre.honeymoon that was my best vacation I was 19 when we went now I'm 32 hoping to visit again in the future

  15. Nimbus Lab says:

    can sum1 make something like this for Azeroth?

  16. LC Dizon says:

    I love Maui! Good food, great sights, and the perfect balance between serenity and adventure! Check out my Maui vacation video on my channel!

  17. Sony C263139 says:

    يارب ترزقنا الجنة

  18. The Strander says:

    I can not wait to go for my birthday

  19. Katie Moon says:

    What beach is it at 2:59?

  20. Officer boi says:

    0.36 I've been there

  21. Maui is such an amazing place. It's perfect for family and especially for couples. Check out mine and my boyfriends Maui adventure on my channel (:

  22. This is where Modern Family came in the first season !! 😀

  23. Nice video,but poor lighting..

  24. Teresa Taco says:

    Very beautiful

    Until the tsunami hits D:

  25. king shaman says:

    Nice, but do any Hawaiians actually live in Maui??

  26. انا احب ماوي

  27. doctorneon22 says:

    Anyone know which golf course that is at 4:07?

  28. Beats User says:

    hawaiian language is beautiful

  29. obese1konobe says:

    Tip for Maui ….Take the back road around the mountain to Hana. its a little bumpy in places but perfectly safe and not hundreds of packed roads on the main highway..

  30. Saudi Gamer says:

    Looks like a poor area. All I see is dirt and water. No progress. Beautiful ?

  31. Loved Maui. It was very so fun. We went there for our first time on last April 22nd-27th, 2016.

  32. sussy Qiu says:

    Que belleza !
    Acabo de ir, y ya Te extraño Maui !! 😍

  33. the island where you catch tapu lele

  34. When I grow up, imma work my ass off to get a fuck ton of money and move to Hawaii and live the life.

  35. Jane Padol says:

    I want to go there! I love beach😌 i love to swim!

  36. It will not load I get a message something went wrong tap to try again.
    This doesn't work. Does any one have any suggestions as to why the you tube app is doing this.

  37. Hawaii is so beautiful

  38. Got back from Maui a couple weeks ago and I miss it so much! I absolutely love it there and can't wait to go back. Nothing will ever top Maui.

  39. Lucy says:

    My grandparents live in Maui

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