India (Asia) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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August 12, 2017
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11.765 Hotels in India – Lowest Price Guarantee ▻ Travel video about destination India. India is a subcontinent with a long history, a land of …



  1. Outstanding, I have so many images in my head, I don't know where to start. So good to watch this as I have planned a holiday to Delhi and Rajasthan in December, 2014. Thank you for all the information. 

  2. 少し顔が怖いです。

  3. traducir video en español es atrapante, hermoso

  4. Super video, Bravo. Thanks.
    Amazing, we have to visit ….

  5. A great video that was spoiled by far too many commercial breaks.  They were also timed most unfortunately; often the narrator was mid-sentence or even mid-word.  

  6. dinesh says:

    This is just biased video as compared to other countries travel guides. they had just focussed on delhi, jaipur ,agra,varanshi. There are no information of beautiful himalayas,(Kashmir, Uttrakhand, Himanchal), kerala, Goa beaches, beautiful dense forest of sundar ban, great mountain dessert of ladakh and cultural heritage of north east india. this video is showing negative image of india. 

  7. There r many places yet to cover such as tamil nadu , kerela , andhra pradesh and goa

  8. I wish to travel to india next year.. but really feel unsafe travelling alone Not knowing anyone there i can trust to be my tourist guide.

  9. India imi place foarte mult. Mia placut.

  10. Manoj Jacob says:

    Too many stray dogs on the streets. Wear pants and shoes. Do not expose your body. Be careful when you cross streets. Too many pedestrians killed every day. If you are careful, you can enjoy India.

  11. mahesh v s says:

    This is not a complete guide. This video only focusing some places.

  12. Manas Surya says:

    this is a very old video

  13. Hello! India Travel Video Guide.
    How are you?
    When I watch this I am learning about India lot.
    Where I live I have people is from India.I didn't know there is lot of history in India.

  14. Reny Ninan says:

    lots of mistakes, i.e carelessness

  15. jawad itani says:

    This sounds like a architectural documentary rather than a guide.

  16. Emma Stuart says:

    Agree with Jawad, this is the most boring guide ever!

  17. MrNawaznaz says:

    The only thing India has is the muslim made Taj mahal apart from that its a shit hole. hindus will rape you

  18. Sue Harvey says:

    Some democracy! where women are second class and lower and Dalits, untouchables, are hardly considered human at all.
    In spite of the fact that successive governments are supposed to have outlawed the cast system it is still alive and kicking.
    Add to this the many thousands of bonded workers who slave year after year and whose children can expect nothing better either and you have you 'Democracy'…..

  19. Ramjan Sutar says:

    Only part of north and east India is shown.What about Hyderabad,Bangalore,Kanyakumari,Kerala state ,Goa,Kashmir,Punjab chennai etc.

  20. The Diplomat says:

    Whole South India, some parts of North east India and beautiful Himalayan regions were completely neglected, Not a good video..

  21. Jason Hanwel says:

    Imagine how much more advanced India would be if Britain had stayed in control instead of the corrupt elite class that rules today!

  22. fida80 says:

    Why these travel videos are only focussed on monuments mostly. All travellers don't enjoy monuments.Some travels enjoy local cuisine, city life like clubbing etc ,culture ,beaches and other recreational things.Also no information on how to reach ,travel plan etc. Why those are not covered. It looks more like a history video than travel video. Very unbalanced

  23. Sue Harvey says:

    A female Prime Minister does NOT make for female equality! We had one in the UK…….Big deal for us all that was. The fact that India had two females in charge is more due to their financial and family clout than their willingness to prosper women. As far as I can see there has been little political benefit for them in ensuring female rights through the ballot box since many women don't vote for whatever reasons. It was like this in the UK when women first got suffrage………they voted the same way their men did. I have never underestimated the pressure on women to keep quiet and tow the line.

  24. partha1331 says:

    The most useless travel video guide of India. Baring a few places they completely missed many parts of india.

  25. That's why I've started studying travel and tourism. I want to travel the world

  26. OMG it only shows monuments. India had several other aspects

  27. แนทเกศรินห้องลับม

  28. Pankaj Malik says:

    There should be part II of the vedio, as it's shows half of the country.

  29. India is a smelly dump, what a backward shithole of a country.

  30. Ami Shrestha says:

    Buddha was born in Nepal ( Lumbini ) not in India. India built fake Buddha's birth place.

  31. The 3 places I wanted to see the most, Jaisalmer, Elora and Tamil Nadu they didn't show.

  32. This truly helps me with my travel and tourism career! You started from so-called trip The Golden Triangle

    I would like to thank each and every person of your team who has used all their effort to make such video full of Information

  33. J. R. Adams says:

    India is an amazing country and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

  34. Very Nice place India- Love from Bangladesh.
    India our friendly Neighbor.
    @ExpozaTravel, Please Make a Travel Guide Video about `Bangladesh' .

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