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June 3, 2017
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June 4, 2017

With a population of only 300000, Iceland can feel like the most isolated place on earth, yet its capital Reykjavik, is only a three-hour flight from London and just …



  1. This is a great video I'll visit there. WOW airlines have great deals to go there

  2. I will go to Iceland…Thank you Expedia…This is heaven on Earth…Each piece of it has beauty….😱

  3. Swagatam Dey says:

    this video isn't showing neither on my laptop(windows 7) or mobile(android) only audio is playing pls help..

  4. lipie13 says:

    05:43초 가이저
    6:13초 굴포스:

  5. now this is the good part of youtube

  6. Abby says:

    Can't believe I'm heading out there this October… Legitimately emotional about it.

  7. please make video in hindi browse

  8. Wow it's my dream to go to Iceland😍

  9. URSS-CEI says:

    nothing to see here. better go to ireland

  10. Sad boy says:

    i want travel Iceland next year..

  11. Vacamood says:

    As college students, we do not have much money. We use Airbnb… We make the most out of the trip. On our latest trip, we explored Iceland. Check out my latest video for a better GLIMPSE of what Iceland has to offer. No bs.

  12. Nala 305 says:

    The water is amazing there

  13. maman Btd says:

    c you there on 26 August 2017..eheeeeee…

  14. Somebody here who wants to talk with me a little bit about Iceland? You can DM me on Insta: flixbus1407
    Very exited to hear your experiences and oppinios about Iceland

  15. heaven on earth…need to make a vacation to Ice Land..:)

  16. so beautiful you know guys. this is god gifted.

  17. Mr. Waddles says:

    Beautiful. I <3 Iceland.

  18. dream sky says:

    i went there …………………………

  19. kitu says:

    I love Iceland and I haven't been there .. such a beautiful country. I really hope to be able to visit it at least one time in my life.

  20. JACK DOLAH says:

    That's literally heaven!

  21. Trey Battan says:

    I have always loved Iceland, although I have never been, I might be going in the next 3 years or so. I still can't believe this video made me cry because of how beautiful Iceland is and the background music.

  22. Iceland is beautiful is like heaven, really like bring Ashley my future wife wanted retired there have peaceful life there 😮.

  23. i wanna live here and run away because im from Yakima wa my city is terrible

  24. Aurora Lopez says:

    Iceland please let me visit you one day.

  25. starace110 says:

    I went ti iceland a few years ago. Went to all the places in the golden circle as well as the waterfall you go behind, the blue lagoon, skogafoss, the black beach and Reykjavik. It was an amazing trip and I hope to go to iceland again someday.

  26. hands down one of the most beautiful places i've ever been.

  27. ATTENTION Heaven found!

  28. Beautiful county it is absolutely amazing! Would like to visit once more

  29. Nina Valg says:

    I am from Iceland its Awesome

  30. The Best Journey Point loves Iceland too 🙂 That is a magic place to go!
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  31. Moh Asiri says:

    Encouraged me to visit Iceland soon.

  32. Jimmy Fromm says:

    Beautiful place but very HARD language to learn

  33. i ever enjoy this country

  34. odd. no trees anywhere

  35. Lars says:

    I was almost everywhere on that island

  36. Expedia making amazing videos like this??? Thanks!!! I'm sold hahaha.

  37. glOb3tr3kk3r says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ Amazing Iceland! What a wonderful creation by God! I can't wait to explore this beautiful country next month! ❤️❤️❤️

  38. the video is fantastic if expedia dont forgot the northern lights

  39. Its my dream now to visit this heavenly place…. hope my dream come true …. I feel so good watching this video….

  40. 7:478:14 Ohhh! So that's where the gold at the end of the rainbow is located at!!

  41. Farin Navila says:

    Expedia it's a great work !

  42. I'm feeling like I was lost in Iceland beauty while watching this video. thanks for Sharing with us

  43. Barb Vanharn says:

    I just got back from a week in Iceland, May 1 – May 8 2017 and it was amazing! I was so sad to leave there – it was truly the most beautiful place I have ever seen and I will return one day! We drove right around the whole island.

  44. Nice !
    We just put up our ICELAND video of our 2 week road trip around the full circle
    Check it out !

  45. Yash Veer says:

    i live in a small island in the pacific ocean called FIJI. i wish to go to iceland one day

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