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April 6, 2017
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April 8, 2017

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE COUNTRY I HAVE EVER TRAVELED! You simply must put the Philippines on your bucket list. The most beautiful landscapes and the …



  1. Lost LeBlanc says:

    Hope you found this helpful!
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  2. how much was your budget going around of those beautiful places??
    i would try your route <3

  3. you should go Boracay a filipino island near cebu

  4. Flipodahippo says:

    I'm happy that Philippines is finally getting recognition and is becoming a tourist destination. It's been like this for 7 years now and hopefully the number of people visiting Philippines will continue to increase. Go back a decade and no one was visiting Philippines because of the bad coverage in the West media. But now that Philippines is once again prospering things are changing.

  5. L Li says:

    Now I really can't chose … Cebu or Palawan for 5 days?

  6. Lost LeBlanc SALAMAT for posting this😍

  7. Nuk Tyson says:

    Thanks for the video! Nice job! I was thinking about to go surfing in the Philippines, do you have some recommendation for that too?


  8. Diel XD says:

    Lost LeBlanc Dude you must try here in mindanao .. you will like it the SAMAL INLAND in DAVAO CITY

  9. beautiful in Philippines

  10. lol jeepney's are 100% safe lmao HOY it's BO-HALL Bohol! =] DOPE TRIP man i have lived here forever on Bohol and you've been to more places than me.. sick video and amazes me I live here i can't wait to go visit more places like El Nido, shit i haven't even been whale sharken yet! peace!

  11. I'm spending 4- days in Manila as I'm playing in a sporting tournament soon, is it really not that great a city?

  12. noo2islam says:

    Based on my own experience the Philippines in general is not a safe country for tourists. It's a very poor and primitive country with many desperate people who are ready to do anything to make money including snatching, scamming, pickpocket, harassing etc etc. If you go there and do not look like a Filipino ,do never walk alone in the street at any time of the day (at night forget it) because you are an easy pray. When I was accompanied with other people there was no problems at all but every time I was alone I somewhere, some people were trying to take advantage of me from different ways. I saw and heard things there which absolutely nobody in the west would even imagine to do and would not even believe me if I would tell them so much the local culture is fucked up. I had absolutely no idea how Americans and Canadians are civilized until I went there. There are great Filipinos in this country but a lot of them are a bunch of none sense and fucking bullshitters with no honor. One more thing, if you go there, expect to see some very shocking and absurd things.

  13. i live in the philliphines

  14. bf386tr3gf38 says:

    at 2:19 of the video you look very happy! … LOL

  15. coron Palawan…boracay and batanes also good

  16. go to Puerto Galera its so awesome there. Everynight the buildings turn into pink and blue its a beach btw

  17. may i ask you what season did you visit Philippines?

  18. Rudy Thezap says:

    about how much did u spend traveling all those countries all back to back?? or how much would u recommend having for something like that??

  19. Eunice Jirah says:

    what is the title of the intro?

  20. JD Lopez says:

    You liked the beaches in the philippines more than the ones in indonesia?? Where did you go in indonesia?

  21. Judy Aninag says:

    Proud to be Filipino! PHilippines is soo beautiful!! Thank u for this video.

  22. Thrunder says:

    i recommend convert your money first to pesos, why would you give $50 per person or 30 dollars like what

  23. Living in Philippine Provinces is like living in Paradise . I swear .

  24. LiBondesson says:

    Anyone wants to take a look at my travel videos? ✈️

  25. Eric Mariani says:

    You're the best! I bought two small lots on Bantayan Island, in November of 2016, and your beautiful video (Top 10 places in Philippines) had Bantayan as number 2. Beautiful video, Buddy. THanks for sharing!

  26. Jeff Byrd says:

    I saw you went to a music concert out there. where was that located at??


  28. now I understand why camiguin island and white island wasn't on your list. I went to Mindanao in 2014 for a month and wasn't bothered. but i heard about white island and wanted to go

  29. The Island of Mindanao is safe specially Davao City or even Cagayan De Oro City. Actually there are many places in Mindanao that are beautiful and safe. I don't understand why you said that it wasn't. Please do your research before you conclude that the island of Mindanao is not safe. To let you know that the city of Davao was voted as top 10 safest city in Asia by Asianweek. Please do more research before you say anything about a place you have not been. A lot of foreigners thought that the Philippines was not safe for tourists. Again bro do not conclude when you have not been there.

  30. Does someone know how much he propably paid for the flights?

  31. Hannah Fang says:

    I'm going 3 days later from China!!! So I watched your video which is really helpful! I'm going solo!!!

  32. hey 🙂 I love your videos! I will go to the Philippines in July! I'm very excited!!

    I have a question.. at the end of this video, there is a boat with People wearing bambus hats… where is this place?

  33. farhadab says:

    what time of the year was this?

  34. Shout out to the two French girls (Kelly and Deluvine) I met in the bus last night on my way back to Manila from Kalinga. I hope you heeded my advice and watched this vlog. I hope you find this very helpful for your travel to Cebu today. Safe travel to your group!

  35. Avoid Mindanao? Lol, I'm from Mindanao and not all places in Mindanao are dangerous. What about Davao City? It is the safest city in the Philippines and it is in Mindanao. Visit the Eden's Park in Davao City you surely won't regret it!

  36. Try to experience Mindanao first! It's actually SAFE but not all part of it is safe. Try to visit Siargao too!

  37. ravi iyer says:

    Phillipines is such a Beautiful country ! I always wanted to visit Phillipines 😍 Is there any Filipino who can educate me more about Phillipines , I'd love that

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