Europe’s Best Airlines 2016

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The Best Airlines in Europe 2016 by SKYTRAX 1 Turkish Airlines 2 Lufthansa 3 Air France 4 Swiss Int’l Air Lines 5 Austrian 6 KLM 7 British Airways 8 Finnair 9 …



  1. Eric Wine says:

    Yes Turkish airlines is best in EUROPE

  2. Please make a video on Indian sub continet airlines also

  3. I prefer Swiss over Turkish and Lufthi

  4. Andrew Mark says:

    no airline is better than qatar

  5. tauros82 Ma says:

    Where is Aegean Airlines of Greece;;

  6. Simon Brost says:

    I had the worst flights with turkish Airlines.
    THW service was quite Bad in board but the turkish Airline staff at the Airport was outright aggressive and insulting. They insulted their customers changed THW gate of my conecting flight 4 times in 1hour and did not inform the pasengers about it.
    But it Gers worse THW airplane which I was supposed to get on had a dameged engine so we Bad to get on a smaller aircraft so Thea gold me I had to wait for the next flight and I wouldnt get any compensation for this 12hour delay. So i requested to talk to the manager to which THW Stadt denied and gold me to shut up and go away! Thats wäre i Bad enough and told him that i would geht in touch with star alilaince and complain about him and I got onboard after bis supervisor put me on first class and apologised. THW supervisor said that my luggage was already in board which was a blunt ließ THW Flucht Bad Form a previous flight which had also the same troubles so nobody got their luggage i had to wait for 3days for my luggage.
    To conclude my review I met only one very friendly guy who worked for turkish Airlines and he was a repesantative from the star airliance cusomer service who helped to clear up the false information that where given to the passengers.
    Great guy but bad airline.

  7. tauros82 Ma says:

    How they put Lufthanca no 2 we flew last july 2016 Barcelona Spain to Munich Germany with Lufthanca 2 ours flight no good service cheap meal very tiny small cheese bread  .OO NOO

  8. Best Airline in Europe is TURKISH Airlines!?! What!?!

  9. My favourite airlines are Air France, Finnair and Brussels airlines.

  10. Not quite, you may not like Turkish Airlines because its from Turkey. Please be honest and respectful just because they are religious, islam and muslims, they may be different for you but treat them the way they treat you 🙂

  11. happy 1234 says:

    Turkish airline is the best👌

  12. alvaro domeq says:

    I prefer Iberia before Turkish

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