Dubai travel guide and must see attractions

April 7, 2017
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April 8, 2017

Travel to Dubai and Abu Dhabi! Travel to Dubai and Abu Dhabi! Travel to Dubai and Abu Dhabi! Travel to Dubai and Abu Dhabi! United Arab Emirates is one …



  1. Ryan Bonner says:

    23 hours there in a few weeks, what should i do in 23 hours? the architecture tour and go up the khalifa?

  2. you totally need to upload more often. I really enjoy your vlogs and your personality

  3. knique4ever says:

    My friends are always so broke, I just always travel solo! In your video, it looks like you had an awesome time. very informative video!

  4. omGGGG youre so gorgeous lol

  5. PoptartKid says:

    Oh Wow!!!I've always wanted to go to Dubai!!! Thank you for making this video 😀

  6. did u need to have a Visa to travel to Dubai if you are from USA .. thanks

  7. I'm going this year omg

  8. You Are such a beauty ☺️

  9. Adan A says:

    Nice blog hi from Chicago

  10. GREAT + amazing Video

  11. Berunaatti says:

    I will love with the +cocomonkey

  12. Ethiopia, where God first walked on the Earth, and blessed this land with the most beautiful women.
    Anyway, a very informative video, I look forward to a trip there later this year.
    Thanks Eman!

  13. Chantel Lowe says:

    enjoyed your video!!! it was wonderful to see how much fun you all had!!

  14. do u know how much i need to pay for the evening dessert tour? and is it expensive for the boat tour that u guys jump over at the sea?

  15. how much does it cost for the platiniul heritage desert tour and where can i book it?

  16. Loved the video. It was really well executed!

  17. wonderful video…beautiful family yours….congrats

  18. Verry profesionnal video

  19. nio lee says:

    What is the Name of the Disco?

  20. I am from Dubai yay ❤️❤️🇦🇪

  21. The sheikh zayed mosque in abu dhabi and i live in abu dhabi

  22. Have you been to Japan yet? You've already covered two of the places on my list, and I'd love to see your take on Japan.

    Great video!

  23. cupid2004 says:

    What club did you guys go to?

  24. Great video. I don't think the falconry in Dubai and other countries is ethical though and will start to voice my dissent on other videos that feature and glorify this ancient and barbaric practice.

  25. ghaya i says:

    the mosque is in abudhabi not dubai alot of people mistaken this.

  26. iruagg says:

    did you buy the exclusive ticket to the Burj top and skipping the line?

  27. love the way y add information to this trip was so smart

  28. faisal khan says:

    Hey how are you dear I wanna ask you dear where are from you dear you looking good dear

  29. Beautiful..Thanks For Sharing*

  30. im going there in some days. gonna stay there for 9 days in a 5 star hotel. the whole trip is 6000€ for mom dad me and sister. Rip wallet lol

  31. Loved this video on Dubai with your friends! I can't wait to travel there!

  32. Really nice video. It would've been better if it was a little shorter.

  33. Jazie A says:

    I'm not sure if Asia is who I think she is.. I've briefly met her years ago but I think she's my brother's sister in law.. She will know my name, is it her? :') small world x

  34. jaivir gill says:

    Its amazing video. i have seen about Dubai first time., this video is very informative and creates eagerness to visit Dubai..being Indian Punjabi …i love to travel.. i have decided to visit Dubai., in fact whole UAE, whats about you..

  35. Do they provide turbans in desert safari for free or do they charge for it ?

  36. Platinum Heritage has a few different types of safaris… Which one did you do? Love this video btw!! 😀

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