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April 18, 2017
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April 19, 2017

I just got back from a vacation in Disney World and had the absolute time of my life! A lot of you asked for me to shed some light on it and offer any tips / advice to …



  1. Now, this may seem like I have no heart. But nick, If you're watching… HA she's doing so much better without you! And look at that handsome guy… Hmmm😏. Okay sorry I will contain myself now.

  2. mn02002 says:

    I know I'm late commenting on the video, but I have to say it was beautiful to see how happy you both are, the way he looks at you the way you look at him, best of luck , I see wonderful things happening. Smooches Marjorie

  3. Hi michele1218 . I love your videos, and omg he is so cute and funny. Perfect for you! I  have been watching you for sometime now. I just started my channel yesterday. Would love it if you checked it out, and also wanted to say love how strong of a woman you are. Love strong women!!!

  4. This is so cute. U guys look great together! Best of luck to both of u. My son is 2 and I too was contemplating Disney. Can't wait to go now!

  5. DaisieDay says:

    He is AWESOME, I really like him.

  6. 646mtorres says:

    Omg u guys look so good together

  7. Amber Davis says:

    I admire the happiness I see between you two. Genuine, and refreshing.

  8. God bless you guys u are inspiring and amazing mothers

  9. You get free water at most restaurants. Just ask for a cup of ice water. It saves you from carrying heavy water bottles all day.

  10. And if you want to save on Disney souvenirs they have two outlet stores nearby for easily half price of what you pay in the parks. It's authentic straight from the parks but marked down.

  11. The cutest. I am SO SO SO happy for you. Heart over flowing.

  12. holistic79 says:

    Being positive and believing in urself u get a dream and leave the nightmare behind u.

  13. gladconst says:

    We just got back from WDW. We have annual passes, so we were able to go during the fall and at Christmas. You must go during this time…however a huge tip, don't go during the week of Thanksgiving or Christmas. The crowds were super low and the weather, perfect! Really enjoyed your video. My daughter has the same Dooney print but hers is a backpack…tell your honey, he did a great job! Blessings!

  14. asm713 says:

    awww!!! omg the chemistry is palpable 😀 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

  15. tripeboi says:

    Good video but, "its not much" is A LOT different for a family working for ends meat and will be lucky to go to Disney world once in their life for only a day or two, and for a family making so much more and can go 4+ times a year for 2 weeks at a time. Can you be more specific please?

  16. Birkinbag09 says:

    Love Dan's accent so sexy!

  17. Any opinions on the program Ridemax to plan a trip for Disney?

  18. Water is free at Disney world you don't have to buy it unless you want a bottle but cups (big cups) are free

  19. Jane Qpub says:

    Seriously? Almost two full minutes of pre-video footage? That was a bit much.

  20. You guys are so cute!!!

  21. what about Disneyland

  22. how old is your baby

  23. aj chapman says:

    How long have you and your boyfriend been dating?

  24. Allan Drake says:

    Your boyfriend was helpful, couldn't take all the hair touching though!

  25. I enjoy watching your videos & somehow fumbled across this one. I love WDW & am also DVC member. °○°

  26. Dasia Mccrae says:

    This helped a lot I'm going in two weeks thank u so much 💜

  27. You guys are so cute together. Seriously though you were married at the beginning until you said he was your boyfriend 😂 great info!

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