Costa Rica Travel Guide Vlog 2016 (HD)

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Costa Rica Travel Guide 2016, Tourism and Vacations Costa Rica 2016 – Costa Rica Trip 2016 Sponsors (( & ) …



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  3. HEY….With or without plenty of money, travel to cheap countries. Way more fun. Avoid Costa-Rica, most expensive country in Central America.

  4. Don't be fooled: Costa Ricans especially do not like white people. Whenever they see you coming all they see is Money. They resent the 300,000 Americans that have moved there. Basically they have the same feelings toward us that we have towards them in the U.S. Ask your tour guide about "Gringo Pricing."

  5. puré life…..costa rica #1 en América latin…..beatifull…

  6. Fantastic! That's really cool. Thank you for this vid.

  7. oscar umana says:

    beautiful country Costa Rica.

  8. hi which tour company did you use

  9. hi am sorry how you might find in the facebook for speak more about country costa rica im interested in travel to that country but i want know more about country and tell me you have facebook in what we can speak more

  10. veo que nadie me contesta entonces muchas gracias y lo siento por preguntar

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