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January 10, 2017
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  1. I love all the hats you brought on this trip, but whenever I pack mine for holidays they lose their shape… Could you make a video on how you pack hats?? <3

  2. sexyellex says:

    Kate, I'm loving your fashions!!!!!!  Especially, the white sunglasses!!!

  3. Hey Mr. Kate, how did you do the intro thing? (Come to Cuba with me) xo

  4. omg all the parts of Cuba you went to are so gorgeous! love all the architecture

  5. Cuba looks so clean!!

  6. Dani c says:

    Thanx Kate!

  7. I am so proud of been from cuba and born in that amazing culture

  8. mascottie says:

    Tell me you didn't get sick. I'm a germaphobe/sickaphobe so all of that scared me out of going there haha

  9. holisticmaya says:

    I went to Cuba for a month not long ago and it was amazing… heart-wrenching, there are terrible things happening to the people there, but it is such an eclectic and stunning country. Its people have hearts of gold… I really loved Cuba and this video was beautifully made!

  10. Ann Saludes says:

    Nice place…. Amazing

  11. Eliza L. says:

    If you want to have an idea of Cuba, Google :

    ?Cuba before Castro ?Cuba after Castro ?Fidel Castro Killer ?Cuba Executions ?Cuba Political Prisoners ?JFK Missile Crisis ?Bay of Pigs Invasion ?Operation Peter Pan ?Cuban Refugees ?Cuban Exiles ?Freedom Tower Cuba ?Mariel Boat Lift ?Ladies in White ?I Feel Cuba by Andy Garcia ?Cuba Human Rights or ?The Real Cuba. Even the Havanese dog breed was almost extinct ?

    People don't care, because they're not the ones who have been robbed, murdered, sent to concentration camps, tortured, raped, starved, betrayed, imprisoned, & exiled.
    If you go to Cuba, you are contributing to the Communism that has been oppressing it’s people since 1959. Cuba only lets you see what THEY want you to see, including what they allow to broadcast on T.V.
    Cuba is Communist, BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS DON’T EXIST!!!
    The Castro billionaire dynasty rather cash every penny, than to help it’s decaying/desperate country.

    Unless you’re a Communist or you work for the government, you have no life. The only ones that deny Cuba’s abuse and control are Communist Cubans that have been brainwashed since birth to call you a traitor, if you admit to the country’s b.s.
    Cubans also see Americans as their enemy, and hate “Yankees” with a passion. They’re only nice to your face, because they like your American $$$. It takes a Cuban to know a Cuban.
    Go to Miami if you want to see Cuban culture, talk to real (anti-Communist) Cubans, and enjoy first world (not 2nd world) service.

    But please don’t ever go to Cuba until the country is free of dictators. Not asking for pity, asking for compassion, respect & recognition. Millions have suffered because of Fidel Castro and still do. ??

  12. I took some of my quinceanera pictures at Hemingway's house! Also, you should have gone to El Morro at 9 PM. Back when Havana was a heavily fortified walled city, the cannons were fired at precisely 9 PM to mark the end of the day and to inform citizens that the city gates would be closed (there are still pieces of that wall left standing in Havana). They kept it as nightly tradition. It's very interesting because the people who fire the cannon wear the uniforms that were used during that time. It's an amazing and beautiful glimpse into the history of Cuba.

  13. 1stepcl0ser says:

    Does she speak spanish?

  14. 1stepcl0ser says:

    Looks like an amazing trip. Cuba seems to be full of life

  15. Come to Puerto Rico!! I would soooo like to meet you someday.

  16. Where my Cubans at?

  17. Sofia Chang says:

    I went to Cuba this month and also took a picture with the man in your thumbnail! He was soo niceee!

  18. I'm from cuba and i miss it alot I'm glad you liked it.

  19. I love the fact that you are learning about the culture and how the people live there because it is kind of under appreciated

  20. Cece klors says:

    Hi kate! Can you tell me the name of your hotel please?Thank you so much!

  21. Hilde Ras says:

    Coming back to this video weeks after vising Cuba myself, I went for 2 weeks, with my sister and a travel group.We have seen so much of Cuba. we went to every `mayor`city in Cuba.Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Holguin, we went to a nature park and much moreI will never forget the beautifull things we`ve seen. And going trough my photo album of Cuba. But also watching this video every once in a while, will make me forever gratefull i had the oppertunty to go to such a beautifull place.Love your videos and stay creative!♥Much love Hilde

  22. Oh my word loved this video!!❤ It was pretty cool seeing the place I grew up in through someone else's eyes. Glad you guys enjoyed your trip! Now back to binging on design videos ?

  23. Melinda Gioe says:

    My grandmother, her mother, father and sister fled Cuba in the late fifties before the borders were closed. she has only been back to Cuba twice since then and it was for family funerals. I may never get the chance to go to Cuba but I'm so glad I can see some footage of where a big part of my family came from ❤️? Thanks for sharing your adventure ☺️❤️

  24. you video made me cry a little! I miss mi Cuba linda! Gland you guys had fun

  25. I went to Cuba in December of 2014, 3 weeks before the embargo was lifted, and it was absolutely amazing. The people were so kind, welcoming, & intelligent. I got to see most of the places you showed, so your video made me so nostalgic ?

  26. I'm Cuban so this made me so happy I hope you loved my beautiful island and all its natural beauty

  27. Yeahhh Havana that it's my land…i was born and grow there

  28. bekah nat says:

    What type of vlogging camera does Mr Kate have??

  29. Lovely Lola says:

    Cuba where salsa music originated is absolutely beautiful.. Thank you for sharing with us.. Next you should go to Puerto Rico… :)

  30. My dad is Cuban and left the country when he was very young. I absolutely LOVED this video! I hope to go someday!

  31. Sweetypie says:

    I'm Cuban and I liked this very much, I've gone to Cuba with my family for my birthday and it was amazing

  32. ana karlaa says:

    "but there's piña coladas and that's all i carr about" me

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