Cape Town turns travelling by bus into an exhibition

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September 26, 2016
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The City of Cape Town has finished its project to transform its MyCiti bus stations with amazing artwork just in time for Heritage Day.

More than 50 artworks‚ including mosaics‚ sculptures‚ ceramics‚ paintings‚ drawings‚ sandblasted images and spray-painted street art‚ have been installed at MyCiTi stations across the city.

“We came up with the idea some 14 months ago to create a location map of the artwork along the MyCiTi routes and an interactive link on the MyCiTi website with information about the art and the artists. It took a lot of planning and creativity to get it all together‚” said the City’s mayoral committee member on transport for Cape Town‚ councillor Brett Herron.

The MyCiTi art project is based on similar art projects along metropolitan subway systems around the world such as in New York‚ London and Moscow‚ and the public transport system in Sao Paulo.

“The art portrays the cultural heritage of Cape Town and gives commuters a sense of the history of the neighbourhoods they are travelling through and the culture and roots of those living there‚” said Herron.

The sandblasted images of the artwork titled “A Random History of Cape Town‚ 1499 – 1994” at the airport station were created by the internationally acclaimed artist‚ Sue Williamson. The murals at the MyCiTi station in Atlantis were by world famous artist Faith47‚ a self-taught graffiti artist from Cape Town.

Other artists include Julia Anastasopoulos (Civic Centre station)‚ Zwelethu Machepha (Usasaza station) and Thami Mbenekazi (Killarney).

The themes of the artwork range from environmental issues to youth and identity‚ from urbanisation to migration – and even humour.



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