Business Insider: Finnish passports ranked 3rd in visa-free “travelling power

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September 26, 2016
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Business Insider Nordic published a list of the top 13 countries whose nationals are most free to travel to foreign countries without visas. Finnish passports ranked third, right after Swedish ones. The passports with the most “travelling power” belong to Germans.

Close behind on the list are passports from Finland, France, Switzerland, Spain and the UK, which opens gates to 157 countries.

Norwegian and Danish passports allow for travel to 156 countries visa-free, along with South Korea Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy.

US passport holders can travel to 155 countries without a visa, Japanese travellers are able to enter 154 countries and Canadian passport holders are allowed visa-free entry to 154 countries.

Business Insider used Arton Capital’s passport index for its data.

At the bottom end of the list are passport holders from Pakistan, which afford them visa-free entry to 27 countries, Iraq 29 countries and the passports of Somalia and Syria gain access to 31 countries without a visa.

At the very bottom of the list is Afghanistan. People travelling on a passport from Afghanistan can travel to only 24 countries without a visa.











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