American Airlines Launching Iceland Service
November 14, 2017
20 Things to do in Milan Italy Travel Guide
November 16, 2017

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  1. THE SHIELD says:

    The Dudley boys and the Xavier woods lol

  2. Amber Moon says:

    Please please PLEASE react to "tanning addict Barbie wants to be crispy brown" by barcroftv. I lost all hope after watching that vid.

  3. Edi2003 says:

    You should have just showed the memes. We don't need the jokes explained to us.

  4. M J Miller says:

    All of your content is great but was cool to see reaction to a current event after it just went down. Funny as hell. Suck it United!

  5. My dick is pretty hard 😕… Can you give a rub..

  6. united airlines: please sit comfortably tuck your head down and prepare for your beating>:(

  7. they actually lost 1 billion dollars

  8. they lost a billion not 250m (from amazingtoptens vid 🙂
    they shud lose way more than a billion if u ask me

  9. I fuckin died when he said "but the memes"

  10. This video was awesome haha

  11. how does he not have at least a million subscribers or likes this dude is funny af!!!!!

  12. united sticks dropped about a million

  13. Bob Saget says:


  14. BigFit Hands says:

    dude your other video is copyright or something

  15. Sir Radec says:

    gotta be honest the actual situation was actually fucked up

  16. long so says:

    I never flown but if I did United would never get my money.

  17. That scene with the people lining up is from the movie flying high… Look it up its amazing.

  18. JMaTy says:

    First meme is hilarious

  19. Darryl Conte says:

    I don't know why but no Russian is a good mission

  20. tigerbalm says:

    🖕 United! But how much is the Fight Club section?

  21. Not to be weird, but you're a very handsome guy. Nice vid btw

  22. Gael Moran says:

    Awesome video Nkascend.

  23. LetsSaboogi says:


  24. FlameSniper says:

    Co pilot: we can't take off!
    Pilot: why?
    Co pilot: there's too much drag!
    Pilot: Aww he'll nah

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