Best Things to do in Taipei – Overnight City Guide

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July 3, 2017
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July 4, 2017

I have always loved travelling. I was lucky enough that from a young age, my parents took us all over the place, instilling in us a sense of larger spaces and …



  1. +Erwan Heussaff It looks so beautiful !!! What kind of camera do You use???

  2. janguyen424 says:

    I have to agree that Taipei having really nice ppl. on my very 1st trip there. I was shopping at a shoe store and was looking to find a nail salon but didn't know my way around. the saleswoman personally walked me to the salon several blocks away. she said it was easier to walk me there than try to explain… it was such a great gesture! on top of everything I didn't purchase anything from her store and she still helped me out! if you get a chance, go to Taipei! it's wonderful there…

  3. ArmyCats says:

    New in 2017:

    Now you can choose MRT to travel between airport and Taipei
    And you can also check in your luggage directly at MRT Taipei station.

  4. Bryan Diosma says:

    If this travel show is co-presented (sponsored) by Cebu Pacific, then why did they arrived on a Philippine Airlines Flight? Just curious..

  5. Nga Vu says:

    I saw some videos of yours and I found that you can eat many delicious food in Vietnam, more than other countries. Our food has many vegetables, so it's very good to eat everyday.

  6. curious how you come up with the other alternative places that you dont visit…how do you verify? why should we trust that info?

  7. 石立年 says:

    Welcome to Taiwan…………..

  8. That means eight in Taiwan😂

  9. justf0rnow says:

    Im planning to visit taipei for 4 days this halloween, but me and my friend are not interested in club and bar. Would that means Taipei is not a good choice for us?

  10. AJTjan says:

    What the best time to visit if i may know?

  11. Melooffee says:

    "Taxi is the best way to get around" … Well Taipei has the most efficient public transportation in the world so maybe not

  12. Jade M says:

    Just watched your video. Soon off to Taipei for my studies and I. Can't. Wait !!!

  13. What about arcades and gaming?

    Or anime .

    and is it Buddhist temples , countryside like?

  14. Toknat says:

    Bakla ba tong si erwan heussaf bakit kung magsalita sya at mannerism nya pang gay caucasian

  15. I was in Taipei last month. It was beyond wonderful 😀

  16. What backpack are you carrying?

  17. nakita q din channel mo erwan ayan subscribe n ko 😊

  18. comeback here in taiwan you must try TAICHUNG CITY & KAOSHOUNG CITY

  19. Nancy Wang says:

    WOOOO I LOVE THIS GUY, I wanna go to Taiwan this summer omfg

  20. Will Liao says:

    Chef Andre Chiang is Taiwanese.

  21. Rachel Park says:

    I can't wait to go there this summer to try all different kind of foods !!!!! It's really good video

  22. Thinking of visiting Taiwan with my sister soon 🙃

  23. Michael Ryan says:

    anybody know a good tai chi teacher in taipei?

  24. Love your videos Erwan, awesome quality, great content, keep up the good work 🙂

  25. Letty Cha says:

    From SE ASIA HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Taiwan video the very worst just foods!

  26. SE ASIA says:

    Wonderful lovely video

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