Best Asian Airlines 2016 by SKYTRAX

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September 15, 2017
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  1. Tuanile says:

    Vexento music credits?

  2. why thai airways is 7th because I come from THA

  3. elvira azwan says:

    2:43 is that A350? Garuda indonesia dont have A350!!

  4. Tomi Liwanza says:

    yeess.. Garuda is the best👍👍

  5. Coal Bsp says:

    Garuda Indonesia stewardess remains the best in the world

  6. xEuphorique says:

    #9 is bullshit
    it is the worst
    and also #6

  7. Heli QQ says:

    Garuda indonesia got a new a350? Never knew of that!

  8. soosy says:

    Really cool btw new subscriber

  9. soosy says:

    Hey where is emirates flight its the best unsubscriber

  10. They forgot the Middle Eastern countries, they are apart of asia

  11. i love all asian countries ,,,, keep strong and go forward

  12. Caden Teo says:

    Singapore Airlines is the best!

  13. Tuot Nguyen says:

    Another quality service that you can use: "Cebu Pacific Air is a low-cost airline based in Manila, the Philippine". Try it and feel ^_^

  14. bioly300 says:

    Wheres Qatar Airways

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