Barcelona, Spain Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

23 Reader Questions. 23 Attempted Answers.
February 22, 2017
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February 24, 2017

Barcelona is the capital of Catolonia and the second largest city in Spain. Barcelona is today one of the world’s leading tourist, …



  1. Kathniel new movie will be shoot here (barcelona spain)

  2. Timothy Low says:

    Get out of spain quick. This country is suck full of thieves cheater and robbers. The food is lousy and the people smelly and dirty. The worst place in europe.

  3. I miss this place. It was something about Barcelona that I had never experienced in any country I've visited! I felt so connected with this place!

  4. 3:24 "Of course we cannot talk about sport without mentioning the landmark event which changed EVERYTHING for Barcelona! The 1992 Olympics placed the city firmly on the global map, helping to regenerate Barcelona from an industrial sprawl into the modern metropolis we see today." In Athens the sane dream (of a few) became a nightmare!

  5. sclogse1 says:

    Surprised this video doesn't show the fish market on the Ramblas. Or the amazing seafood restaurants.

  6. Znt Mdd says:

    I read so many comments people missing barcelona and i feel exactly the same. It is so different from all the places ive been… I would love to live in Barcelona!

  7. Leonie 's says:

    Barcelona I want to visit yaaa __

  8. The reason I'm watching this is because I just left and I wanna go back…

  9. Karzan Soran says:

    Barselona it's so wonderful and amazing castle

  10. Beautiful ,very touristic, lot of sightseeing, good weather ,nice coffee shops, love shopping in Barcellona

  11. Rashida Cox says:

    Is there a hotel in Spain?

  12. teo teo says:

    omg ! its my dream <3

  13. I want to go in Barcelona

  14. Martames 74 says:

    Camp Nou is pronounced like " know" not " noo".

  15. RON CUPELLO says:

    almighty god if reincarnation is real. please born me as european 😂

  16. It's looks so beautiful here, I looked up this channel because my family and I are determined to come here next year, were very excited

  17. Creo que España sería un buen lugar para ir a.

  18. Rensovic says:

    Next week I'm going to Barcelona on my own. It's my first trip on my own and I'm a little nervous about it. Does anyone know a nice hostel to stay at? And what are other good advises to keep in mind if you go traveling on your own for the first time?

  19. Clement Ng says:

    Gaudi house museum, picasso museum, roman or egyptian ruins,

  20. 🇳🇴❤️❤️❤️

  21. Bilal Bilal says:

    Barcelona es me amor

  22. I love Barcelona and i hope come back here in summer 2017

  23. Barcelona is such a beautiful city, great video

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