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Revenue-Based Programs Aren’t King, They’re a Cop Out
March 22, 2017
Travel Style: Lee Anne Wong
March 23, 2017

Bali, located between the islands of Java and Lombok, is ready to welcome you. The southern …



  1. jakarta, please!!! ^^

  2. Fun World says:

    welldone Expedia keep it up plz
    i love your stuff realy….
    and explore Pakistan also

  3. calvin loy says:

    Do you know assiyaija islands is Java o stias

  4. calvin loy says:


  5. Al awi says:

    subscribed… thank you for making this video, and welcome to our paradise #Indonesia

  6. BuyuD KBU says:

    Better krabi thailad

  7. Evil Pagan says:

    Bali was cool 20 years ago, now it's far too touristy.

  8. This was great. Except for the elephants. If you go please do not ride elephants. It tortures them. There are other ways to help them and interact.

  9. Fein Media says:

    Great Bali Information Videos on Our Channel Please Subscribe

  10. Noor Mondal says:

    No thank you to taking a ride on Sumatran elephants .. But everything else is so beautiful here

  11. Almera Sven says:

    please make an Indonesian capital city Jakarta……

  12. Almera Sven says:

    how long the video finished

  13. Almera Sven says:

    other indonesia please like jakarta

  14. nitha waruwu says:

    yeaahh.. thats My Country..
    bali is Natural Wonderfull with Amazing Panorama..

  15. jeydaize says:

    Please don't recommend people ride elephants. They suffer unimaginable torture and cruelty to 'break their spirit' in order to be able to carry tourists on their back.

  16. Very nice place and beautiful.

  17. gue pengen lihat komentar Luar tentang, malah banyak di komentari orang indo sendiri… weleh welesss…

  18. Kiran Golla says:

    wow. just in 5mins. great video.

  19. 9月末に初めて行きます。film を見て楽しみになりました。

  20. How many days would one need to see all of this ? Is a good 4nights and 5days enough ?

  21. Thanks to promoting Bali. Recommendation on TripAdvisor wonderful Bali Tours (Made Rai)

  22. Please make a Video of Krabi and Phuket Thailand.

  23. AIDAN BUCKER says:

    make one about a city in Arkansas please i live there please

  24. Bali does not only have artisans, but also a plethora of fine artists!

  25. Nurdin Kani says:

    make raja ampat travel guide

  26. Aine de Niet says:

    Love these videos! Please make one of Sumatra.

  27. Irvan Oranje says:

    yg muji msh org2 indo jg . biasa aja gk trlalu bngga gua kcuali ilove bali dri org luar tu kn baru bisa d banggain

  28. you should make Yogyakarta!

  29. 미아 says:

    AMAZING bali island, lombok island, raja ampat papua island, mentawai island, maluku island and komodo island…
    Wonderful Indonesia……👌

  30. Please make video about yogayakarta , candi borobudur! (magelang) the world biggest buddhist temple, and also batu malang in east java! highly recommended

  31. TurtleBot says:

    Iv been 6 times. I like it but it doesn't really all look like that

  32. torang bara says:

    Expedia can u do pemantang siantar In sumatera

  33. Wow Wonderful Indonesia 💗💕💕💕

  34. great video but I am shocked that Expedia recommends to ride elephants!

  35. Apuskeleke says:

    No elephant rides, please! They are heavily abused for tourism.

  36. tanza eve says:

    do Komodo and Flores,please Expedia? or Raja Ampat at least.. :))

  37. efe living says:

    4 billion population…… really……. switched off video after that

  38. Sagar Das says:

    Love from india 😘

  39. Amazing Bali holiday video! x

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