Airline Food Reviews (Some of the best airlines Part 1)

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April 1, 2017
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April 3, 2017

Airlines and review listed below. This is an airline food sample from some of the top companies. Singapore Airlines: The food was very tasty, as you can see it …



  1. crosswind says:

    Cool flight food report planespotting video…..please check my last spotting video…..:-)))

  2. Thank God I've watched this video after my lunch.Great food compilation.

  3. Henry Lim says:

    Singapore Airlines my favorite airline! Best in overall service and their crew has always a great eye for detail!

  4. Twutle says:

    ive been looking for one of these videos! liked and subbed <3

  5. Lovely video! Loved the comparison ! I subscribed to your channel and look foward to watching your videos. Sub back? 😉 cheers!

  6. NOOPY S says:

    I am hungry right now, but I watched this vid anyway

  7. Plz watch my Flight report of UK933 its 14 minutes long of a short flight from Lko to del.

    hope u will like it

    and if u do plz give it a thumbs up and also subs if u wish.


  8. Hee Sing Sia says:

    That BR meal looks horrible

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