7 Trips To Take By Yourself

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March 6, 2017
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March 7, 2017

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  1. Alicia Payne says:

    Going to NY for a couple of days by myself. so excited.. Me time

  2. 2:20 if you want to see an adorable little girl.

  3. starzzzy says:

    Japan and Korea are get for solo traveling!

  4. If only I had enough money.I keep dreaming of going to different countries everyday to the point that it angers me.But I can't help it too.I am 19 now and I feel like I am getting older and older but haven't seen anything in the world.I just wish I had enough money.

  5. OceanEuropa says:

    Lovely. Nice, clean production. Inspiration to all solo travelers!

  6. Jordyn R says:

    People keep talking about money and yes it is an important component, but don't let that be the main focus of your trip. Get money for your plane ticket, after that just chill. Hostels aren't expensive, eat street food, train tickets are cheap, and plane tickets to places within Europe are like $20. Don't let money be the focus of your trip, it keeps you from having the utmost amount of fun.

  7. Esme Vroom says:

    Where do you go if you live in new york? o.o

  8. Lchantilly says:

    you know you watch too much buzzfeed when you can recognize the crew members from their voice

  9. Levi C. says:

    I'm in Los Angeles and I've traveled all over the states but never outside the U.S. For my bday month I'm traveling for 3 months alone internationally and I'm so excited. The farther the better and longer and the cultural shock the better :).

  10. I'm gonna do so many trips by myself, spending time with my true best friend, my mind, is defiantly my number one enjoyment.

  11. JH Wyborn says:

    Iceland? Really bruvs?

  12. Jacki McKay says:

    With whom/via do/can you volunteer too?

  13. Puppy Lover says:

    CANADA IS THE BEST PLACE EVER Everyone is friendly in Canada

  14. Hazel calvo says:

    wow I need to try to get lost…looks fun

  15. A Zed says:

    costa rica and cambodia have great hookers

  16. that guy says:

    half of these apply to my town

  17. JakkeYe says:

    Just came back from Cairo, Egypt solo and it was amazing , meet great people and experienced the culture in many levels.

  18. One problem. No money 🙁

  19. The only thing holding be back is the lonely night, any advice? I really need a little push

  20. aruline says:

    I'm going to volunteer in China alone in less than a month 🙂

  21. Nope. I HATE being alone.

  22. Cannot afford these silly suggestions of yours.

  23. My Opinion says:

    I want to take a road trip in an rv by myself with a month supply of food and just drive and drive and drive and not hear anyone's voice for a month.

  24. They don't have trains in America?

  25. I'm 19 and I went to London by myself. It's surprisingly good to explore by yourself

  26. Rebecca Emms says:

    Was that Kensington Market, Toronto?? <3

  27. i travel solo alot it is such a spresul journey make you figure some haw what kind of life you want to have !

  28. Camryn Eaton says:

    i have always wanted to just get in the car and drive to where ever i end up and the gps my way home

  29. I've been backpacking in Europe 3 times all alone and just booked a solo beach resort alone. It has its ups and downs but the biggest thing is that taking those trips made me feel so brave. I can face/do anything challenging now because I travelled alone. I say, if I could do that, then I can do this next challenge. Don't let the fact that you have no one to go with deter you from your dreams of seeing this amazing planet! Good luck to you all!

  30. Phoenix Ro says:

    I love NYC. Miss my home

  31. Sarah says:

    I like me so this wouldnt be too hard.. great ideas.. 🙂 thx

  32. I want to travel at least to Yellowstone and don't want to go alone, I have like two adventure sisters and 1 of them is in Oregon and I hope to be able to go see her after I finish this semester at school.

  33. I want to travel the world so bad but I know I will not have the money to do that:(

  34. If only I was an adult 🙁 …

  35. Actually I'm studying English, Japanese and Korean so … I can ask something in 4 different languages, I think it helps me even if I travel to a south east asian country with an unknown language 😛

  36. aka how to be in the next Taken movie

  37. basically all of these you can do in Ærøskøbing Denmark

  38. Chan Hui min says:

    I always trip alone because I don't have friend

  39. Eddie Jump says:

    I'm going to South Africa in April solo.. I'm super excited. Any recommendations please let me know.

  40. Aaira Murray says:

    I WISH I would do anything to get that freedom to go anywhere I wanted alone ! Have a trip to myself
    But I'm 13 so gotta wait another 5 years

  41. what if I cannot stand being alone with my thoughts?

  42. Drew Draws says:

    I plan on vacationing alone when I turn 16. I know it's risky, but I have too much ambition to just sit around and wait until I am older.

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