25 Unusual Places To Take A Vacation

The Greco-Roman city of Ephesus: a magnificent return to the past
February 26, 2017
How to Visit Malta on a Budget
February 27, 2017

Tweet this video! – Unknown to most people, the unexplored regions of the world offer destinations that are unique for vacations.



  1. Erik Kelemen says:

    The Sahara isn't the hottest. It is the biggest.

  2. Swaggy P says:

    5:50 what… the…. fuck

  3. Joy Zhou says:

    Oh god… the Island of the Dolls

  4. Julie Massey says:

    I've said this before on your videos and I'll say it again, EDINBURGH IS NOT HAUNTED. Great video though! 😉

  5. help8help says:

    You ought to see Craters of the Moon after a snow storm.
    It looks giant crumbled Oreo cookies as far as the eye can see.

  6. The Sahara isn't the hottest place in the world South Iraq has a temprature of 68C

  7. I hate that garden!!! It made me sick. I probably shouldn't have gone in there. 😛

  8. Ynse Schaap says:

    They changed Youtube last night, I hate it when they do that I don't like change, change is confusing

  9. Greg Oughton says:

    Niagara falls an energy source for all of Canada? It powers a small part of southern Ontario, a province which relies heavily on coal and nuclear power. 

  10. Nirav Shah says:

    places shud be tagged..!!!!!

    certain places remains unknown..

  11. sam luke says:

    this is not a video, but a slideshow of still photos

  12. its pronounced edin-bre

  13. How is Niagara falls an "unusual" place to take a vacation?

  14. Shambles says:

    7:25 Well that's very good to know, I am going there on the 28th.

  15. How about Mogadishu, Somalia?

  16. Mary Rader says:

    I want to stay on my own figi island     I know what im doing this summer

  17. Mary Rader says:

    I am also probably going to yellow stone I might not go on a vacation because I have a cat at home and I have to take care of her

  18. Edinburgh castle ain't scary

  19. Atif Azim says:

    Alnwick Castle is in Scotland, not England. It's also where Harry Potter was set :p

  20. fun house jo says:

    who would go in the island of the dools * 0 *

  21. The 284 says:

    i live neer alnwick and it is not said like that it is pronounced anick but spelt anlwick 

  22. Marika says:

    Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan

  23. Any person would want to go to the Galapagos if they liked nature, right?

  24. Edinburg? Edinburgh not that hard

  25. I've been to Yellow Stone, beautiful is more accurate than unusual, but still enjoyed the video

  26. Butt Sauce says:

    The picture for Niagara falls you showed is actually Horseshoe falls, Niagara falls is the rocky looking one.

  27. Alex Perazzo says:

    Niagara Falls is NOT the largest.

  28. Alex Perazzo says:

    A lot of these are not unusual.

  29. why is yellowstone unusual?

  30. spacewater7 says:

    Hydrothermal? Try hydroelectric. Nothing thermal about the way Niagra falls generates electricity, trust me.

  31. QuartuvLarry says:

    Ummmm…should I recommend NOT wearing leather shoes to Palacio del Sal?

  32. What happened to this narrator

  33. charlie mack says:

    I've been to the poison garden and you can't take a holiday In it … Its the size of my house

  34. Unipuff says:

    3:18 lol i live in Illinois so i have been there

  35. Roman Soiko says:

    yellowstone national park is not that unusual you could have picked another Us national park maybe Isle Royale? do you know where Isle Royale

    Yellowstone also extends into Montana and Idaho

  36. if its a tourist attraction its not unusual is it you stupid fuck oh my days all your videos are wrong no wonder people are so fucking stupid today

  37. Jeff Barry says:

    Niagara Falls is not a source of "hydrothermal energy". It is a source of hydroelectric energy. Hydrothermal energy is from volcanic areas where water heated to steam by hot rocks is close to the surface such as Iceland or certain areas in California.

  38. HAY! If burning man made it on the list out west, electric zoo should've been on here for the east! NOT FAIR lol

  39. Sexy romantic movies

  40. wow there must be really dry air in that salt hotel

  41. lestorhaslam says:

    Alnwick is pronounced Annik.

  42. Andy B says:

    I'm surprised the Orient Express is still keeping the name. I thought it was fashionable to consider the word Oriental "Racist" these days.

  43. Who wants to sleep with the fishes? (Menacing voice)

  44. Hee, hee. The German Alcatraz Prison Hotel, do you get delivered to the hotel with you hands cuffed behind your back and a full strip and cavity search? I'm so naughty!

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