25 Things to do in Warsaw, Poland | Top Attractions Travel Guide

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November 12, 2017
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November 13, 2017

This was our first trip to Poland and we dove into the capital headfirst. While our travels may have started in the charming Old Town, it wasn’t long before we …



  1. Warsaw ❤️I am studying med there❤️

  2. Poland is great place to visit 🙂 You should go to Szczecin and stay in Hotel Dana which is place in the city center. Very comfortable and tidy rooms, tasty cusine. And they have nice SPA 🙂

  3. The most adorable cities in Poland:
    1. Toruń
    2. Gdańsk
    3. Jelenia Góra
    4. Poznań
    5. Tarnów/Grudziądz
    The cities with the most visitors:
    1. Cracow
    2. Gdańsk
    3. Warsaw
    4. Wrocław
    5. Toruń

  4. The Soup is Lithuanian, Beet soup aka Beet Cold Soup in lithuanian saltibarsciai.

  5. Deadzio says:

    playlist is a mess 🙁

  6. Jackson says:

    The video has very funky German subtitles 😂😂

  7. Ana Belle says:

    I love ur videos <3 I'm Polish and I'm glad that u choose our coutry to visit 🙂

  8. Apple El says:

    I am an oriental young man thinking of going to warsaw in september. Is Warsaw a cosmopolitan city? I went to Sofia, bulgaria last year and I was like the only ching chong chong chong there! Went I went through border control they think am a fucking illegal imigrant, they stared at me like they never seen a chinese before!

  9. billy butler says:

    You guys are a step ahead again! haha If I google things to do in Skegness I bet you will pop up! 🙂

  10. You should have taken more facts about Warsaw Uprising Museum, not only half a minute, it's important. BW 🙂

  11. yorinarou says:

    Hi, I know that sounds weird but – 22) Copernicus Science Centre sounds regal but should be called Science Centre Copernicus (or Science Centre the Copernicus). In this case direct translation is not a bug. I`m almost 40, born in Warsaw and iI must admit one thing. The foreigners appreciates more our country than We, the Polish peoples. Thanks for this movie clip.

  12. Gift from Soviet Union… yeah they really gave us a lot lol.

  13. Lady Startup says:

    Poland had quite a long time of monarchy, but still great video!

  14. ….nice …Poland ….Nice…we now this from 1000 years….you discover….

  15. Stace D says:

    I've never considered visiting Poland, but you guys make it look fun

  16. I'm from Morocco and I have a girlfriend in Warsaw I hope one day we gather there.
    Wish me luck

  17. Dominik P. says:

    Thank you for puting good word for Poland.

  18. zeed says:

    Poland had monarchs from the 10th to 18th centuries, two dynasties and the electoral kings. It have to be shortly?

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