25 Cheapest Places To Travel That Won’t Break Your Budget

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January 12, 2017
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January 13, 2017

It’s summer! Time to go to the beach, on a cruise, or better yet, an exotic getaway. However, if you’re like most people, the thought of traveling is always …



  1. mcdonalds is cheap in the phil and not fake

  2. What's the backpacker imdex?

  3. LifeSaver996 says:

    lol good luck getting a hostel, 3 meals, 3 drinks and a tour in belgrade for 28$

  4. Prague and Budapest were not on the list?? They are cheap


  6. Meagan Brown says:

    I agree with you that budget is the big problem to fulfill our dream. By the way, thanks for sharing your great ideas with us.

  7. Where to go to get mugged list.

  8. Dick Tracy says:

    I HATE that sound at the beginning ! ! ! I can't be the only one, come on the rest of you tell them how much you hate it (or it will never be stopped) !

  9. biaten says:

    Manila is great but unless you know a local it's pretty dangerous to go solo . And the locals will rip you off.

  10. Missing some Iranian cities here. Besides being very affordable also no hassles or scams like other places.

  11. sk liqui says:

    you want an other place to visite the couch I can aforde it but i have school so is a great place;)

  12. sk liqui says:

    *I mean I can aford traveling to exotic places

  13. Nice video dear! Thanks for sharing with us….

  14. Not many people I know would travel to these places today. Maybe parts of India, and Bolivia are okay, but most of the others are dangerous to western travelers.

  15. yogyakarta indonesia the cheapest city on earth for backpackers. In this city you can visit borobudur temple the biggest buddhist temple in the world. in here you can also visit many white sand beaches and volcanic mountain. food is very cheap here, you can only pay 1 USD and get rice & fried chicken. homestay starts from 8 usd for 1 night.
    yogyakarta is the cheapest city where you can start your travelling journey in indonesia.

  16. Oliver Long says:

    The Philippines is not in South Asia… It's Southeast Asia.

  17. i am from pokhara if u wana visit pokhara then u can contact me for deluxe room,foods in a really cheap price ?

  18. My Pride Thanks You For Including Jakarta. (And yeah That is the biggest city is Jakarta)

  19. ns99december says:

    Idk why they said Sri lanka has nothing much to do or see. It was named as a no 1 tourist destinations in Asia in 2014! plus completely dusted off the war that was there! its a free nation now with lots of tourist attraction for affordable or rather cheap prices!

  20. It's Kra-KOV and MEE-an-mar. And you might as well just have put this all under two destinations: Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.

  21. Jesse Curtis says:

    Why would anyone ever go to Serbia? It's like super dangerous.

  22. BlackHole says:

    How lazy can the creator be?

  23. My sister went to Thailand, and she actually had a lot of good things to say about it (Unfortunately, her phone was stolen, but that can happen anywhere)

  24. Just so you know I'm a part of a Travel Club – Partners in Wealth…that specializes in helping people raise funds for their projects or campaigns….the Travel Club is pretty big though….check out the Video here…it's easy to register….and it's helping me travel around the world too….enjoy..!!! https://youtu.be/-n7ZVHmK9Fk

  25. Brenda Nov says:

    Each letter in Phnom Penh is emphasized, a lot of the pronunciation of the Asian locations are actually pretty simple. It's so weird that all of the suggestions are in foreign countries! You don't really expect it because it's out of the country & you'd think they'd try to overprice things for tourist. But fortunately the currency's are different and everything affordable rather than expensive.

  26. Kenny Cole says:

    not one place in central or south america?

  27. Well buddy, I was expecting my country Bangladesh. Well, I guess our country has yet to promote at it's best. But we have started promoting tourism internationally. We've been working on that since independence. But their have been many obstacles for years due to internal reasons. But today we're improving fast in this industry and promoting ourselves better than ever. You might wanna check out bro. Hope see something to my desire very soon bro.

  28. Anyone else wondering how many new languages they have to learn to travel to all of these? Yes I'm that kind of tourist. Korea trip at least two years away and already been learning for a month.

  29. Nepal is very cheap and most beautiful with mountains and lakes and everything… Best destination and so many awesome memories wow

  30. Gordo says:

    How about the planes tickets lmao

  31. Joanna c says:

    Im from Poland. Krakow specifically. And when you said it I literally didn't even know you ment Krakow. ?

  32. What do you mean Kyiv is "not the most popular tourists' destination"? And why is it even in this list? It's not cheap at all to, first of all, go to Kyiv, and then to find the accommodation to live in. Yes, you can manage if you eat weird food and live in a crappy place, but what's the point then?
    Not being angry or smthing, but just so you know the truth ?

  33. *Thinks these are cheap
    *Looks up prices to fly to and they are really expensive

  34. What a wonderful video. Please forgive me for not being a backpacker and not understanding what the amount next to the "backpacker index" means. Could you explain? We will be traveling the world starting in about a year, so this was a great video for us. Thanks for the info. Happy New Year! Melody

  35. how is it like 30 bucks to travel

  36. ok people obviously this doesnt include plane tickets…….

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