10 Essential Cuba travel tips!

Masirah, a desolated island on the coast of Oman
January 27, 2017
Travel Tip: Put Away Your Damn Phone!
January 29, 2017

10 things you need to know before visiting Cuba! Check out the checklist below for what to pack: -Sunscreen -Water bottle -Towel, multiple swim suits, goggles …



  1. Ruffneck101 says:

    Looked like a blast man.

  2. Giorgina says:

    I feel you! I'm packing for my holiday and then I'll have to pack for my Erasmus in Germany!!! I just uploaded a Travel/Packing Tip video.. It would mean the world if you can check it out and tell me if you think I'm ready for a 7-months packing experience! :D

  3. Dean Wilson says:

    There is something I noticed on the online sites in the United States. Of course you can't buy cuban rum in the USA, but there is still a blockade on Cuban money. If you are from Canada or another country, I would recommend collecting each of the new Cuban bills. If you have the means to of course. You can't get Cuban money to collect in the United States of America apparently. You can brag about something Americans still can't get. Also they issued new bills above 100 Cuban pesos. Very stylish looking and different to look at. In my own opinion. I'm talking about the paper money of course. If you want to collect the coins, feel free to do so, of course.

  4. KiddRogers says:

    I'm excited to go for NEXT YEAR!!! Woohoo especially since I can speak Spanish…I just need to practice with some native speakers. In terms for the gift giving I believe Cubans will appreciate anything you give…I don't think it's cool to say that subsidized living alone can help them out. As you said 'To each their own' if you'd like to give and you can then do so..if not that's okay it's your choice.

  5. Geen says:

    leaving tomorrow to Cuba, thank you for the video and the tips!

  6. Leave on the 21st for a week, so excited!

  7. Jules Tamayo says:

    what hotel is he at? it looks like the one i booked!!

  8. jesii mariia says:

    Loved the video but lost me at, "They aren't as poor as some people believe" am from Cuba and I know how hard and how poor people are. They work for 35 pesos a month which will buy yo NOTHING. when I go back to my country for vacation I always tip everyone i can. But I get it. Most just see what they see on vacation and not the reality. Glad you liked and enjoy my country. :)

  9. Jim Cadogan says:

    The poverty in Cuba has a cause and its the Castro crime family.They are responsible for retarding the development of this country that they have turned into a prison for its people.There will be no hope of a better life for ordinary Cubans until the Castros` are gone.

  10. Please check out my video http://youtu.be/A1YJYL_fXxA went to Cuba had a blast did a lot of outside of the resort stuff … Thanks ..loved your video too

  11. Thank you for the tips. One thing I will say is, yes they have government housing BUT they are in disrepair and getting anything done or fixed is the problem. Children are given by the government 3 small cheap toys a year. You can imagine how long they will last. I bring gifts BUT I bring them to the church in Varadero where the priest goes out to the villages and knows who and what is needed. I also bring gifts into town (away from the resort where the workers get plenty) and I hand out stuff to ordinary citizens. If you bring stuff to the staff at the resort, nylons are a big ask because all the women employees have to wear them everyday and they are not cheap. For the men, fishing stuff, garden gloves, small tool sets. Those are my tips :)

  12. YasmineAndCo says:

    where in cuba is it best to stay ? The havana or somewhere else ? and where are the best beaches

  13. I'm leaving next week 7th July..for 36 days. I'm feeling excited!!!!!!

  14. You did not mention that much of the misery on the island is eased by relatives in the USA and Europe. Cuba is much better off now than a decade ago. The changes have been astounding………..by Cuban standards.

  15. Kerry Wang says:

    Hi there, I'm curious my family is looking to go to cuba. I am curious as to how well were u able to get by and get all your things done with just English? Looking to not use a tour guide to save some money.

  16. m mango says:

    Hi!  Are Havana and Cuba in general safe place for tourist for like a single person alone?

  17. Imagine how many meaningful travel experiences you could of had while not talking to a camera. Your in Cuba for godsake, just BE in CUBA. Hows that for travel advice?!

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  19. Wao, thank you! What a great documentary!!

  20. better to stop the music while you are speaking @#=$¤£ damned

  21. Good job on the video! Well done, enjoyed it – thanks.

  22. Kory King says:

    I would like to know some places to visit while there, this was a great video

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