10 Countries to Visit for Less Than 50 Dollars a Day

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January 16, 2017
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January 17, 2017

Traveling the world doesn’t have to be stupidly expensive. Taking public transportation, eating in local spots and doing a little research will go a long way in …



  1. You need to do better research before making such videos.

  2. That Fukboi says:

    Nepalis are so triggered dude ?

  3. Nathaniel Wu says:

    at medan,Indonesia,JW Marriot,a 5 star hotel..cost you $15 a night

  4. 825M views says:

    where is morroco.???

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  6. Do not believe this video……… video maker should not show Nepali video on india…….. they do not have even idea about places on video….

  7. Ovidiu Bulea says:

    do thing not to do in fiji

  8. Lol Lol says:

    I can travel in my house for a surprising amount of $1000

  9. I am a Kenyan can i travel to these countries with Kenyan passport n will expenses be stil cheap

  10. LOL Looks like some kids making this video. First, travel and know how the things go. And don't make scenes mixed up from various countries. Well, you are one or two or three to make but you forgot that Youtube has many eyes to watch. Who know you guys are misleading other contents also?

  11. Bunga Fasya says:

    My Country Is Here :D

  12. I'm from Greece and I didn't think that it's so cheap

  13. I went to Portugal and is so beautiful omg !!!

  14. Roman Soiko says:

    many African countries should be here probably the whole continent yes including South Africa

  15. denis mdp236 says:

    Romania is so beautiful? full of amazing scenery such as draculas castle and the heaviest building on earth to carpathian mountains and the danube delta which is biggest in europe? its amazing and affordable✌❤❤

  16. yo i go to nicaragua every year

  17. Taz says:

    Please help me give my parents the holiday they deserve. https://www.gofundme.com/yw-family-holiday

  18. Kazakhstan is cheap too.Its territory is big,so there is a lot of different beautiful places that everyone must visit in their life 🙂 i recommend to visit there

  19. salih can says:

    you re wrong about turkey mate , you can find hostel for that price but it wont look like this 🙂 and kebabs starting about 5 dollars

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