10 Best Rated African Airlines in The World – Skytrax 2016

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Air transport in the continent is catching up to the big boys and Africa is becoming a major player in the industry with 8 African airlines making the top 100 in …



  1. 2nacheki says:

    Thank you all 2nacheki fans for watching and sharing your opinions. Please subscribe, like and share our videos with friends and family https://www.youtube.com/2nacheki .This really helps out the channel to grow.

  2. EThiopiaVEVO says:

    Ethiopian airline is number 1 of all African. but this is your opinion

  3. how about top 10 best airlines in asia

  4. if rate by customers rather than others is Good to know their true grade these airlines .

  5. Simegn Tullu says:

    I like Ethiopian airlines but air Mauritius 🇲🇺 is my no # 1

  6. Ethiopian airlines is the undisputed best and safest airline today in Africa. South African comes a distant second, while Egypt air is third.

  7. I am from kenya…. I like kenya airways but Ethiopian airlines is the best

  8. Nathan Ayele says:

    Ethiopian airlines is number #1. Not South African Airways. Even Egypt air, and Kenya airways is better then South African airways. They have old planes and old seats. Airlines like Ethiopian Airlines, Egypt Air, and Kenya Airways have nice new planes and great seats. Ethiopian Airlines flys to way more places around the world than South African.

  9. ethiopan airline is a 1 one

  10. Tsed Tesfaye says:

    hahaha ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES #4? ALL OVER WORLD SAYS ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES #1 BEST AIRLINES IN AFRICA ! whatever Ethiopian Airlines The New Spirit Of Africa !!

  11. Suzan Mueni says:

    Love my dearest Kenya and proud to be African.

  12. Annick Gal says:

    Frm Kenya bt Ethiopia airlines is the best ,Kenya best tho expensive

  13. dawit abraha says:

    Your information is not correct Ethiopian Airlines is the best in Africa.

  14. axis one says:

    Tunacheki #1 well researched South Africa airline is one of the best,but I beg to differ wth you 100%,on Kenya airways and Ethiopian airlines,the former was number 5 and the latter number 4.no way I long as I can recall the best airlines in Africa are,Kenya airways,south Africa and Ethiopian airlines,in terms of services they offer and safety too.But not the rest of airlines you are highlighting as the best.

  15. axis one says:

    we have only 3 best airlines in Africa namely-:Kenya airways,south Africa and Ethiopian airline the rest follows

  16. i suggest u do for me top ten comedians in Africa

  17. Rita Kayemba says:

    Angolachino,go back to your roots,who the hell made u God to say that africans smell you smell like punani

  18. Ethiopia Airlines is the best in Africa. I'm not from Ethiopia and all my family really appreciate it.

  19. Abdul Masoud says:

    before i watch…1.s.africa 2.ethiopian 3.kenya /Egyptian

  20. Abdul Masoud says:

    i have to disagree with this list theres no way air Mauritius and Seychelles can be on top of kenyan airways and Ethiopian …

  21. Uganda air lanes hahaha love this

  22. pride of Africa ofcos u know it

  23. Ethiopian Airlines is the best in Africa. Cute hostesses with fake English accents.

  24. Yonas Zewdu says:

    where is Ethiopian airlines​?

  25. I have traveled 4times with Ethiopian airlines, I think it's the best African airlines so number 1💜💜💜💜.i enjoyed every bit of it.its number 1 and no other

  26. South Africa Ethiopia and Egypt are the best

  27. i suggest you do for me top ten countries with higher populations

  28. Kevin Ndolo says:

    KENYA AIRWAYS the pride of Africa. (The Big Boss)
    But ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES is the Undisputed NO 1.

  29. 최규범 says:

    as for me i love Ethiopian airline is best airline in africa what i had. Becase other airline in Africa like to delay and delays passengers baggage. well South African airline is good but ive shocked what crew members serviced to me!. well i had flight to Hong Kong from south Africa to go south korea. I want to tell you that i ve asked flight crew one tissue paper because i drop my drink on my table…… but he took cover of my sit and cleaned my table! OMG! so i got mad but i couldn't complain and bath room was dirty….. and that flight wasn't great for me ……. and that aircraft looks old airbus 340-300. by the way i am using flight from africa to korea by Ethiopian airline. and i like to use korean air or Asiana airline

  30. 10 best countries with Africa games medals.Thanks.

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