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October 19, 2017
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October 21, 2017


  1. marcos andre says:


  2. Best Gamers says:

    maroc en tenusie airlines ar de best

  3. Ethiopien Airline je The best it Afrika no Airline has a 777 And 787 dreamleaner ans 12 Airbus A350

  4. phil phil says:

    inside the airplane of every africa airline where was loading a huge mass
    black disgusting smell which make me vomit on the meal.

  5. Ik vlogs says:

    Ethiopian airlines is the best airlines in Africa

  6. shbitz says:

    american airlines is the best airline in africa !

  7. Ragen ogola says:

    Kenya airways is the best of all πŸ‘πŸ‘

  8. Kenya airways is the best in Africa!

  9. i❀you Ethiopia airlines is n.1

  10. I like the plane of Ethiopian airlines boeing 777-200lr

  11. Ethiopia is land of origin

  12. Patel Yogi says:

    Ethiopian airlines is the. Best hope to travel with you again

  13. ethiopan airlen is the best of africa

  14. sooo saad all.. what is Airlies when their half ppl dies…..uf

    did not die his ppl in his time…

  15. kenya airways is the best airline in afrca.wow the pride of africa.imisa home arleady.

  16. Amaadin12 says:

    Ethiopia airline is the best, they got 12 dreamline,,,

  17. it seems they were comparing the biggest airline and that goes MORROCO AIRLINE but for the BEST airline it has to be KENYAN AIRWAYS I have used it severally here in NIGERIA and it's simply the best, Pride of Afrika
    Ethiopia airline I didn't feel comfortable many times though not bad as such.
    South African airline is expensive with poor service I Don like at all.

  18. Ethiopian Ethiopian please 1

  19. Don't stop says:

    I think here is voting for country πŸ˜‹ hands up for πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή 😜

  20. The man that ranked this video needs psychiatric help lol…Moroc air indeed!
    The undisputed BEST & safest airline in Africa is Ethiopian airlines, the second is South African airlines and the Third is Egypt Air. Moroc air doesn't even come close to the best 9 in Africa!

  21. boby bob says:

    Ethiopian is the first in Africa !!! why egyptair is in this top 10 because egyptair is a very scary plane companies

  22. Nasiwa Saida says:

    Ethiopia airline is the best for me

  23. Em β€’ says:

    ummmm. SAA is the best airline in Africa statistically, and Ethiopian should also be WAY higher… the bias was there!

  24. Asal Wedi says:

    Come on you are far away from Africa. Let's be honest

    2.South Africa
    It's fact

  25. Nahom Berihu says:

    I love Ethiopian air is very god.

  26. royal air maroc , lool mon oeil,

  27. Ayub Osman says:

    nop the vlogger must be Ethiopian Ethiopians airliners are no where near Kenyans pride of africa

  28. Said Bouafar says:

    royal air maroc is the best

  29. Mercy Miriti says:

    Kenya airways is just the best

  30. Ethiopian is the best, check out IATA list before you make false claims.

  31. Neema Jamani says:

    Almost a video to mock Air Tunia or whatever that called itself best airline in Africa. It's not even in the top 20.
    Ethiopian airline is the best and biggest airline in Africa followed by South African airline, Egypt Air in that order.

  32. Ethiopian Airlines and South African Airlines have excellent record.

  33. yosi Yosef says:

    1. Ethiopia
    2. Ethiopia 3. Ethiopia — 9. South Africa maybe 10. Egypt maybe

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